International Initiatives

William Everett, University of Missourieverett william
Chair, Committee on International Initiatives

The prime IIC activity of 2015 was a highly successful international conference in Stockholm and Helsinki.  Program Chair Don Bowyer’s report on the conference is included here.

Work continues on the CMS Ambassadors project.  We are hoping to expand the number of ambassdors and nation reports, have an IIC committee member assemble a subcommittee to manage this initiative, and see the reports appear in a more visible place on the website.

The committee had a poster at the National Conference in Indianapolis on the 2015 International Conference in Stockholm and Helsinki.  Many people stopped by the poster, not only attendees but also those interested in learning more about future international conferences. 

The Board approved Australia as the site for the 2017 International Conference. CSM Director of Conferences Peter Park made an exploratory trip to Australia and gained some important contacts there. Those contacts, though, have since moved on. The Society’s president, executive director, director of professional activities, and IIC chair agreed that the conference should take place as a single-city conference in Sydney. (As a precedent, this format worked extremely well in Buenos Aires in 2013.)  Gillian Rodger (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) has been appointed program chair for the 2017 International Conference.

Future IIC plans include the following: (1) finding ways to be more effective in letting people outside North America know about CMS; (2) submitting a panel for the 2017 San Antonio meeting featuring leaders in music academia from outside the U.S., optimally from Croatia, Australia, and Cuba; (3) planning a study tour to Cuba in 2018; and (4) begin to consider possibilities for the 2019 International Conference.