The CMS Fund

harding tayloeC. Tayloe Harding, Jr., President
The CMS Fund

As we celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of The CMS Fund, I am glad to report that The Fund had a very productive year in 2015.  We have a superb Board of Directors and its members have devoted an extraordinary amount of time to further the efforts of The Fund in its ability to provide support to CMS and its many projects. 

The number of applications for the four CMS Fund Award categories increased.  The Yamaha Fellowship award was increased from $1,000 to $2,000 this past year.  As a result,  Yamaha applications numbered 4. We also received 11 Gunstream Award applications, 18 Seed Grant applications and 5 Instructional Technology Award applications.

The CMS Fund Awards for 2015 are as follows:


Gunstream Award for Education in Music
Cassandra Eisenreich, Slippery Rock University
SRU Community Engagement Initiative: Learning Enhanced Through Music


CMS Instructional Technology Initiative Award
Kim Davenport, University of Washington-Tacoma
Online Music Appreciation Courses for a Diverse Student Body


Yamaha In-Residence Fellowships 
Timothy Hall, University of South Carolina
Ukulele Orchestra, University Music Students, and Local Jazz Legends

Nathan Noeyack, Butler University
Butler-Broad Ripple Bassoon Project


Community Engagement Project:  Seed Grant Support Award
Noah Getz, American University
Contemporary East Music Series

Thomas J. Keman, Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University
Performing Social Justice: Chicago College of Performing Arts Student Project Grants

John Mortensen, Cedarville University
Traditional Irish Music: Out of the Classroom and into the Community

Teresa M. Nakra, College of New Jersey
Trenton Makes Music – cultural memory, identity and economic development

Christy Talbot, University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan
Sheboygan Singing Consortium

Nikolasa Tejero, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Symphonic Tales: A Music and Literacy Program for Young Children


In an effort to comply with timeline suggestions, we have moved the 2016 application deadline to May 16, 2016. An award selection announcement in mid summer will enable awardees to plan better for their projects/performances and the upcoming academic year. Guidelines for the 2016 awards were posted on The Fund website in October. Please encourage your colleagues and students to apply for these excellent opportunities.

Despite aggressive cultivation, funds for the Yamaha Fellowships have not been replenished by the Yamaha Corp. for several years. We hope that our ongoing fund-raising efforts will be fruitful so that this excellent program can be continued.

The CMS Fund looks forward to continuing its collaboration with the Society's Board to determine specific programs and projects to emphasize in our development efforts. Having specific programs to present to prospective donors can only enhance our efforts. As you know, one conference travel grant was awarded to an individual from historically underrepresented populations (HUP). In addition, several students received conference travel awards. The HUP and student travel awards were the result of a special fund-raising effort.

The giving report for 2015 is encouraging - of the 58 donors, 35 were donors who had not given in 2014. Some might speculate that the announcement of the new 2058 Society and how it will recognize ongoing annual donors assisted in this effort. The new Honor Roll recognizing those who have given each year might also have attracted some of the returning / new donors. (The 2015 Honor Roll will be posted soon on The Fund website.)

The total giving for 2015 is $9,570.13 (including interest income). This total is higher than 2014. It is especially encouraging that unrestricted gifts totaled $3,646.68. The new program launched in November, “In Praise of Mentors,” should increase this unrestricted total as all gifts in that category will be used where the need is greatest. The minimum gift in this category is $60 to mark our upcoming 60th CMS anniversary in 2017. Potential contributors are already contacting The CMS Fund about gifts in this category. To contribute, pleae see the Donate page.

The CMS Fund's Board of Directors will continue its aggressive marketing efforts as its budget permits. Electronic and hard copy communications will be used again.

The CMS Fund greatly appreciates the support it receives from CMS. We look forward to a successful year in 2016.