Valet parking is available at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa at $18 per 24-hour period. Any attendee not staying at this hotel who chooses to park will be charged this daily parking fee.

Complimentary self-parking will be offered to guests of the Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza. Valet parking is available at a contracted rate of $3.00 per 24-hour period. Non-guests of this hotel who use their parking facilities will be charged $17 per day for parking.

Those not staying at either conference hotel are encouraged to park at the Sandoval Municipal Parking Garage, located at 216 W San Francisco Street. Parking fees are $2 per hour, with a maximum charge of $10 for 24 hours. Overnight parking is permitted; however, this lot does not allow in/out privileges (you will be charged each time you exit and enter the facility).

Download a downtown parking map.