Creating Music Curricula of the Future: Tradition, Innovation, and Relevance

Creating Music Curricula of the Future

The College Music Society invites participation in an international conversation concerning the education of musicians in the 21st Century - CREATING MUSIC CURRICULA OF THE FUTURE: TRADITION, INNOVATION, AND RELEVANCE.

Exploring change through bold innovation

CMCF will

  • provide forums to explore curricular innovation
  • form a consortium of departments, conservatories, and schools of music to examine curricular and degree-program innovations
  • disseminate emerging ideas through the new publication series Pedagogies & Innovation in Music (PIM). PIM will include short books and manuals concerning pedagogical discovery and innovative approaches to learning and pedagogy.


Transforming the education of musicians

CMCF will provide opportunities to collaborate in developing

  • pedagogies and curricula built on current research based in music psychology
  • learning across the lifespan
  • music technologies, business and industries
  • bridges that connect communities of music
  • creativity, curiosity, and imagination
  • education for agency


Accelerating change in the education of musicians

CMCF will help accelerate change in the education of musicians through forums in which ideas, research, projects, and tools are shared with the intent to work toward innovative music curricula.


How to Participate

The College Music Society welcomes your participation in the CMCF program. Please consider the following means of participating:


Consortium Schools

CMCF will form a consortium of music schools of diverse types and structures and offer workshops, forums, and symposia.


Consortium Organizations

CMCF will form a consortium of music organizations of diverse specialties to prompt international dialogue and offer forums at conferences.


National Conference: MUSICCHANGE2019

Cultivating a community of innovation: Reimagining education in music
July 18-20, 2019, Nashville, Tennessee, in cooperation with the CMS-NAMM Summer Program for Music Faculty, NAMM Foundation, and Summer NAMM Show

MUSICCHANGE2019 will provide a forum for forging communities of innovation to drive the creation and implementation of transformational change in music pedagogy and curricula. This conference will build on the 21st Century Music Schools Summit (June 2016) and the Undergraduate Task Force Report. A call for program participation will be forthcoming.


Music changes lives; so do agents of change.