Careers Outside the Academy

millar michael wMichael W. Millar, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Chair, Committee on Careers Outside the Academy


Presentations at the 2015 National Conference in Indianapolis

Music Entrepreneurship Panel: Case Examples from the Campus and Beyond
Moderator: Michael Millar
Panelists: Jeffrey Nytch, Mark Rabideau, Jennifer Rosenfeld, Julia Torgovitskaya


Faculty and performers need to “think like entrepreneurs” when entering the marketplace, but theories and lesson plans only get them so far. When they see those lessons applied to real situations, they can begin to connect the dots and understand how to use their own creativity, point of view, and skills to successfully make a career out of their passion. Presenters discussed the following: 

  • Examples of impressive student entrepreneurship on campus
  • Challenges that student entrepreneurs have overcome (and how they did so)
  • Frequently asked career questions that students have posed over the years (and your answers to them)
  • Personal stories of triumph and challenges with takeaway lessons and tips 

In addition, Careers Outside the Academy Committee members made the following presentations:

12 Habits of Healthy Musicians: A Framework to Enhance Health Promotion in Schools of Music 
Presenter: Gerald Klickstein


Panel: Local Case Studies of Change in Action
Moderator: Maud Hickey (Northwestern University)
Panelists: Alain Barker (Indiana University–Bloomington), Lissa F. May (Indiana University–Bloomington), Mark McCoy (DePauw University), Mark Rabideau (DePauw University)


Proposed presentations at the 2016 National Conference in Santa Fe include (1) Panel: Transformation through Mentoring: Building Essential Relationships for Professional Development and (2) Panel: Music Entrepreneurship in Action.  Additional proposals in professional development, career preparation, entrepreneurship, and music products industry have been submitted for CMS 2016 Santa Fe by individual Careers Outside the Academy Committee members. 


The Year Ahead

In addition to presentations at CMS conferences, the Careers Outside the Academy Committee is working to provide additional relevant resources to the CMS membership. These services will include webinars, mentoring, articles, and website content development. Our diverse and experienced committee of musician leaders looks forward to its service in the coming year.