College Music Symposium Journal: Call for Nominations for Editors

The College Music Symposium is accepting applications for the Music Business and Industry Component Editor, the Audio Review Editor, and the Forum Editor. We seek engaged candidates who want to generate dialogue and help share forward-looking knowledge. Positions are for three years and are unpaid.

The College Music Symposium: Journal of the College Music Society is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research, comprehensive review articles, forum essays, and individual reviews, including those of books, film/video, audio, technologies and online resources, as well as select performances and lectures. The Symposium, which was first issued in 1961, was established with a unique purpose not duplicated elsewhere: it was a “different sort of scholarly journal…a provocative publication that…cut across lines of specialization” (McCorkle Symposium 1961). The present journal maintains this comprehensive vision, with a contemporary bent, through issuing publications that deal with a variety of topics relating to the wide-ranging academic disciplines and interests of today’s College Music Society members.

Music Business and Industry Editor (MBI).  MBI is an important Component that serves as a bridge between music in higher academe and the Music Industry. The goal is to expose the college music readership to issues and processes of the greater market. In that endeavor MBI offerings can be presented in a variety of ways, from formal articles, to focused essays, or blogs, or expounded announcements. MBI publications can cover a myriad of topics including ever-changing roles and terms new to music academe (“influencers,” “creatives,” “incubators”); important technologies and style trends; legal issues; business practices for entrepreneurs; new instruments; analysis of new or modified educational programs; new career opportunities and trajectories. The MBI Editor will form a Board that will help the Editor pinpoint important concepts and locate authors--or board members themselves may write essays or articles. The MBI Editor will edit the final product according to Symposium guidelines following timelines. 

The Audio Review Editor will identify approximately 8-10 audio recordings per year (4-5 each issue). All musics of the world, including past masterworks, folk arts, and new compositions in all styles and media formats are eligible for audio review. The Audio Editor, who will form a small Board to assist, will locate and assign specialist reviewers and coordinate with producers/streamers/companies so that reviewers have access to materials. The Editor guides the reviewers through the submission and preparation process for publication (ca 500 words each review) and will edit final reviews according to Symposium guidelines. Occasionally the Audio Review Editor may be asked to coordinate and edit Comprehensive Review Articles (i.e, scholarly articles that synthesize key aspects of several audio sources or methodologies).

The Forum Editor will identify 10-12 submissions per year (4-5 each issue), 500-1200 words each. The Forum section includes: a.) Essays, examinations of developments in the various areas of music or music in higher academe; b.) Responses, scholarly comments responding to Symposium articles and reviews; c.) Commentaries,timely reactions to recent issues in music or music in higher academe. The Forum Editor will form a small Board to assist and the Board will help the Editor pinpoint important concepts, locate authors, or write essays themselves. The Forum Editor will edit final reviews according to Symposium guidelines. He/She will encourage public feedback via the online Comment Section which appears beneath each Forum Essay.

All Editors must by CMS Members in good standing. 

To be considered for a position, please send a curriculum vitae along with a brief  letter of interest that highlights qualifications to: Lisa Urkevich, General Editor, College Music Symposium, and .

Deadline: 2 November 2019