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woods_davidDavid G. Woods, University of Connecticut, Emeritus
General Editor, College Music Symposium


College Music Symposium completed its third year as an electronically based collection of a variety of publications for the CMS Membership as well as the public. The Scholarship and Research component of Symposium reviewed articles for Volume 55 and submitted final, edited articles for the publication. Volume 55 was finalized during the calendar year 2015 and is attached to this Report. The Audio Performance Archive now contains eighteen works of diverse genres, including many solo piano, oboe, bassoon, electronic, and pieces from the standard repertoire including works by CMS Composers. The CMS Forums published five article during 2015, archived several CMS Webinars, and started a new monthly discussion forum. Instructional Technologies and Methodologies published six new articles during 2015. CMS Reports continued focus on two major projects during 2015: Developing the Artist-Citizen and Reporting on the Proposals Made by the CMS Committee on Musicians’ Health. All other components of Symposium made steady progress during the 2015 calendar year.

Susan Filler, CMS Reports; David Thurmaier, CMS Reviews; Peter Webster, Instructional Technologies and Methodologies; and Matthew Shevitz, CMS Forums, have accepted the invitation from the CMS Board of Directors to continue for additional three-year terms. Anna Hersey (Eastern New Mexico University), has accepted the invitation by the CMS Board of Directors to be the Editor of Lectures, Performances and Lecture-Recitals for a three year term. Donald Henriques (California State University, Fresno) has accepted the invitation by the CMS Board of Director to be the Editor of Scholarship and Research for a three-year term. VJ Manzo (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) accepted the invitation by the CMS Board of Directors to be the editor of Music Business-Industry for a three-year term.

The Editorial Board of  Symposium continues to explore various ways of soliciting submissions for publication. This discussion will continue at the Editorial Board Meeting in Santa Fe in October, 2016.

Volume 55 (2015) of College Music Symposium


Scholarship and Research

Author-Supplied Metadata for Music Composition Dissertations in ProQuest
Rebecca Belford

Cultural Influences of Organ Music Composed by African American Women
Carol Ritter

Extensions to the Pedagogical Canon: Expanding Perspectives on William Grant Still and the Teaching Applications as Realized in the Seven Traceries
Horace J. Maxile, Jr.

Redefining Music Appreciation: Exploring the Power of Music
Deborah L. Pierce

The Ninth Semester: Preparing Undergraduates to Function as Professional Musicians in the 21st Century
Pamela D. Pike

What They Didn't Teach Me in My Undergraduate Degree: An Exploratory Study of Graduate Student Musicians' Expressed Opinions of Career Development Opportunities
Jennifer Slaughter & D. Gregory Springer



Assets and Liabilities: The Usage, Preservation, and Instruction of the Singing Voice—and Successes in the Applied Studio
Justin Vickers

Confronting the Dilemmas of Higher Music Education: Is There a Will to Change?
David Myers

Keith Jarrett's The Köln Concert, by Peter Elsdon and Interaction, Improvisation, and Interplay in Jazz, by Robert Hodson
John J. Mortensen

American Composers: Alec Wilder, by Philip Lambert
David Demsey

Death in Winterreise: Musico-Poetic Associations in Schubert's Song Cycle by Lauri Suurpää
H. Conor Angell

Jazz, 2nd Edition by Scott DeVeaux and Gary Giddins
Matthew Shevitz

Music in the Eighteenth Century and Anthology for Music in the Eighteenth Century, by John Rice
Martin Nedbal

Music in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries and Anthology for Music in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries, by Joseph Auner
S. Andrew Granade

Sight Singing Complete, 8th. ed by Maureen Carr and Aural Skills in Context: A Comprehensive Approach to Sight Singing, Ear Training, Keyboard Harmony, and Improvisation by Evan Jones
John Check

Sound Play: Video Games and the Musical Imagination, by William Cheng
Elizabeth Medina-Gray


CMS Forums

A Commentary on the Document - Transforming Music Study from its Foundations: A Manifesto for Progressive Change in the Undergraduate Preparation of Music Majors
Fred J. Rees

CMS Forums Monthly Discussion - October: Institutional Developments Since the 2008 Economic Recession
Matthew Shevitz

On the Debate over Whether "Prepared Piano" was the Creation of John Cage
Liang Deng

Paideia con Salsa: Charles Keil, Groovology, and the Undergraduate Music Curriculum
Roger Mantie & Lee Higgins

Recommended Course Additions to the Higher Education Music Curriculum
Michael Drapkin

The Baby and The Bathwater
David A. Williams


Community Engagement 101 - What's the Point?

Latin American Music and Musicians II - A Webinar Series for Tertiary-Level Teachers

Music Curricula for the 21st Century

Preview: The 2015 CMS National Conference

A Fresh Look at Duke Ellington as Pianist - A Study of Styles

Athletes and the Arts - What Musicians Can Learn from Athletes

CMS in Scandinavia - An Advance Look at the 2015 International Conference in Stockholm and Helsinki

Gearing Up for Indianapolis - The 2015 CMS National Conference

The Poetics of Opposition - John Cage's Amores for Percussion

The CMS 2015 National Topic: Sustainability


Instructional Technologies and Methodologies

Music and World Events Since 1945: A Graduate Seminar
Edward G. Niedermaier

Perceived Importance of Technology Skills and Conceptual Understandings for Pre-service, Early- and Late-Career Music Teachers
Jay Dorfman

The Kindergarten Approach to Arranging Music: Using Technology to Stimulate Creativity
Brendan McConville


Music Business-Industry

Creating Immersive Listening Experiences with Binaural Recording Techniques
Shane Hoose


Video Lectures, Performances, and Lecture-Recitals

Olivier Messiaen's Vingt Regards sur l'enfant-J=C3=A9sus
Cole Burger

sym burger


Audio Performance Archive

Concerto, Op. 45, by Eugene Goossens
Heather Baldwin Killmeyer

Sonata for Clarinet, by John Cage
Christopher Nichols