Music Business-Industry

schmunk rickRick Schmunk, University of Southern California 
Chair, Committee on Engagement with Music Business and Industry


The CMS Engagement with the Music Business and Industry committee has a strong core of educator members who regularly attend the national conference and participate in moving forward ideas that come out of the committee as well as, collaborative projects with CMS partners. Committee participation from business members has proven to be very difficult to sustain as these members do not attend the national conference, join group calls, or answer emails.

MBI committee business has moved forward in several areas this year:

(1) The committee chaired and served as the program chair for the Generation Next conference partnership with NAMM. The program this year seemed to a good match with the type of students and music faculty that attend NAMM and the turnout for presentations averaged over 75 people per presentation with several presentations standing room only.

(2) CMS leadership has clearly heard the requests from the committee members concerned that proposals by Music Industry faculty are rarely accepted for presentations at the national conference. We are very excited abut the MBI track at the upcoming conference in Santa Fe. We have received a group of excellent proposals and have selected a strong group for the conference. It is our hope and goal that attendance of these presentations by the larger CMS community will lead to this topical area becoming an integral part of future conferences.

(3) Committee membership has relied on several long-standing members during my tenure as a member and chair of the committee. It is my hope that the MBI track at the next conference will lead to finding new members, ideas, and collaborations.

(4) In addition to the MBI track at the 2016 conference, the MBI committee will again participate in the 2017 Next Generation/NAMM/CMS partnership and other ongoing NAMM/CMS projects.