Academic Careers

royse david2 David M. Royse, University of Tennessee
Chair, Committee on Academic Careers

The Committee’s mission is “to provide information, resources, and analysis concerning music careers within traditional academic fields.”

This fall the Committee proposed sessions for the 2016 National Conference in Santa Fe, one on succeeding in the tenure and promotion process and a second with the Committee on Careers Outside the Academy (COA) that will be a lightning mentoring workshop similar to the one Academic Careers presented during the 2014 National Conference, which was extremely successful and brought together several of CMS’s most experience faculty and administrators to offer advice to both junior and senior faculty.  We are also in discussion with the Committee on Academic Citizenship about developing a leadership pre-conference workshop for the 2017 National Conference in San Antonio. 

The Committee continues to serve the Society’s members through on-line mentoring. Requests for a mentor may be solicited on the CMS website’s mentoring page. Upon receiving a request, we find an experienced member in the mentee’s field to assist him/her with all aspects of professional development.  Those who are interested in serving as mentors may volunteer on the mentoring page. Historically, our Committee has assisted with on-site mentoring during CMS national conferences. These have been face-to-face meetings with mentors and mentees that have proven to be helpful not only for the information shared but for the professional connections made. That activity is under discussion by the CMS leadership and will be developed further in the coming months.  There is also an on-line Academic Careers Discussion Group that our Committee coordinates.  Members are encouraged to participate in these discussions.

This year the Committee has several specific goals.  We will revisit the Professional Life Initiative from 10 years ago and update it as needed; review the Academic Careers Resource List; update the Career Services page; and identify the three most pressing issues facing music careers and prepare conference sessions, webinars, articles, and/or YouTube videos that address them.