Audio-Visual Provisions

Note: The following information primarily addresses A/V for CMS presentations. The Program Chairs of ATMI, NACWPI, and PKL will be able to advise regarding available instruments and A/V equipment for their respective conferences.

What is Provided?
With the exception of the St. Francis Auditorium (a performance space with only a microphone available), each conference presentation room will contain an amplified sound system and LCD projector for use with your laptop computer or tablet. Lecterns, microphones (as appropriate), and projection screens will be provided in each room, and technicians will be available throughout the conference to assist you as needed. If you have audio-visual needs in addition to what is stated here, you must provide your own equipment.

Audio & Video Playback
All sound and video files must be played from your laptop or tablet. Component DVD and CD players will NOT be provided. You must provide your own computer if one is required for your presentation, as CMS does not make these available for rental or loan. You will want to make certain the batteries are well charged, as access to electrical power is not always guaranteed. It is also recommended that you save your presentation to a flash drive or external memory device in the event of computer failure.

Connecting Your Laptop
Cables to connect your laptop to the audio (headphone jack) and/or projection equipment (VGA connection) will be provided; however, it is always a good idea to bring your own connectors as a backup. MAC users should bring their Mini-DVI, Mini DisplayPort, or Micro-DVI adapter (whichever is appropriate for the computer being used) in order to connect to the VGA input on the projection unit.

Screen Format
All of the monitors and screens available for this year’s conference will display using the industry standard widescreen ratio of 16:9. Thus, it is recommended that you format your PowerPoint presentations accordingly so that your slides fill up the entire screen and you won’t be left with large, empty sections on either side. If you are planning to use an existing PowerPoint presentation which was set up using a 4:3 format, it is easy to convert your existing presentation to the widescreen format. Click here for a video tutorial on how to convert a 4:3 presentation to the 16:9 standard.

Both conference hotels offer complimentary wireless Internet access in their guest rooms and common areas. Conference presenters in the hotels will be provided with a complimentary Internet connection; however, please be advised that connection speeds may vary and may not be reliable. Whenever possible, presenters should download materials for maximum reliability. Please note: No Internet connection is available in the St. Francis Auditorium.

Please note: If one’s sole purpose in connecting to the Internet is to show a YouTube video as part of a presentation, it is possible (and recommended) to download the video to a laptop in advance. One may also insert a video clip into a PowerPoint presentation, negating the necessity for an Internet connection. Please visit this tutorial on how to manage this using the Firefox browser. Alternatively, you may install free software to download YouTube videos to your computer.

When Can I Set Up?
It is important that you have your display/demonstration materials ready in order to keep the conference running on time. You may connect and test your devices during the passing time immediately prior to your assigned time slot. In cases where no passing time has been scheduled between sessions, you are allowed to prepare your area during the question-and-answer time of the preceding presenter.

Photocopied handouts are permitted. If handouts will be utilized, it is recommended to bring 25–35 copies to begin with. If your session has a larger audience than expected and you run out, you are welcome to place additional copies on the common table near the registration desk following your presentation, and direct attendees to look for them there.