Music, Business, and Peace Summit

May 12, 2017
William and Gayle Cook Library, M285
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Summit Planning Team: Alain Barker, Timothy Fort, Constance Cook Glen, Aida Huseynova, Scott Shackelford, Ruth Stone


A day that brings together national and international researchers, activists, and artists who currently focus on two major fields of interest – “Music and Peace” and “Business and Peace” – in a series of presentations and discussions.

As the first summit of its kind, the project will actively juxtapose and cross-pollinate a wide range of intellectual and artistic practices in the belief that a coherent set of understandings can emerge on how the two disciplines interact with and co-inhabit their worlds. The day is a discovery of ideas that will lead to a larger conference in May 2018.

​Guest participants include Alexander Bernstein, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, Andre De Quadros, Timothy Fort, Constance Cook Glen, Kathleen Higgins, Aida Huseynova, Nancy Love, Cindy Schipani, Scott Shackelford, Ruth Stone, Olivier Urbain, and Gerald White.

​The day-long session is designed to be open-ended and exploratory; a vetting of the nature of new interdisciplinary dialogue. Participants will gather in Bloomington, Indiana, as well online as they connect through interactive live-streaming.

With multiple sessions through the day, including several formal presentations, there will be many opportunities for participants to explore possible integration and connections, which will help to synthesize common streams of thought.

Visit the website for complete information and to join the event – either in person on online.