CMS Statement on Principles of Diversity, Inclusion, and Upholding Human Rights

To our Colleagues in the College Music Society,

The mission of our Society is to promote, as an agent of change, “music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction.” We have a proud legacy of a commitment to diversity and inclusion, as reflected in our publications, collaborations, conference programs, and leadership. We are also dedicated to inclusion of all perspectives that our forums and dialogues foster.

In light of the trying moments this week and the disturbing, violent, and reckless acts in Charlottesville and elsewhere, the Board of Directors and the Society’s professional staff affirm that any discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, ability, or national origin is anathema to our profession and especially to our Society. CMS will be proactive in making our profession and our Society even more inclusive in the coming years.

We join other professional music organizations in stating clearly and unequivocally our opposition to bigotry and all comparable forms of hate. We stand committed to social justice, equity, and human rights. Our dialogues are rooted in openness and respect; they honor and celebrate difference. We will strive to make our conferences and summits safe spaces for all our members and guests. We will accept nothing less.

Keith Ward, President
Betty Anne Younker, Immediate Past President
James Perone, Vice President
Nancy Barry, Secretary
Ann Sears, Treasurer
Daniel Adams, Board Member in Composition
Constance Cook Glen, Board Member in General Studies
Richard Dammers, Representative at Large
Alicia Doyle, Board Member in Musicology
Karen Fournier, Board Member in Music Theory
Eric Hung, Board Member in Ethnomusicology
Nicole Molumby, Board Member in Performance
Amanda Soto, Board Member in Music Education
Patricia Shehan Campbell, Past President
Tayloe Harding, Past President
Kathleen Lamkin, Past President
Dale A. Olsen, Past President
Douglass Seaton, Past President
Cynthia Taggart, Past President
Robert J. Werner, Past President
David B. Williams, Past President

William Pelto, Executive Director
Shannon Devlin, Member Services
Julie Johnson, Information Services
Beth Mast, Webmaster and Information Delivery
Mary Murk, Bookkeeper
Peter Park, Professional Activities
David Schafer, IT Director