Carolina/CMS Summit 2.0 Overview

Carolina/College Music Society Summit 2.0 is an experiential workshop on designing relevant, thriving 21st-century music programs. It builds on the unprecedented success of a sold-out 2016 event, during which interdisciplinary teams designed innovative new undergraduate degrees.

This time, our focus is on VALUES and CHOICES, considering a different and immediately relevant question: How can music programs better emphasize 21st-century priorities within existing courses and curricular structures? Multiple teams will collaborate to reimagine traditional offerings, and then pitch proposals during a friendly competition.

Summit 2.0 stresses creative problem solving and healthy dialogue, emphasizing both product and process. In addition to team activities, Summit sessions consider:

  • Adopting relevant, distinctive school values
  • Transforming existing courses and degrees
  • Strategizing to enhance the student experience
  • Building buy-in and a shared collective vision
  • Finding time and money to emphasize these priorities

With a core belief that each of us plays a crucial role in helping music programs stay relevant and thrive, faculty/administrators representing a wide array of disciplines and institution types will benefit from participating:

  1. Applied study (all genres)
  2. Ensembles (all types)
  3. Theory/composition/improvisation
  4. Musicology/ethnomusicology
  5. Music education
  6. Music executives, administrators, entrepreneurs, and others committed to designing a thriving future for music in higher education

Led by Summit director David Cutler, keynote Richard Kessler, and an all-star team of 75 thought leaders, Carolina/CMS Summit 2.0 will leave attendees inspired, armed with a flexible, transferrable step-by-step process for catalyzing positive change.

Summit 2.0 kicks off with an Innovation Concert featuring the Grammy-winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth.

Enroll soon before we sell out - Participation is capped!

Early bird registration deadline: September 18, 2018

To maximize impact on your program, send a group of three (typically 1 administrator and 2 faculty) and receive a discount!


Please direct Summit questions to: