General Information


Check the bulletin board adjacent to the registration desk for schedule changes, room changes, information on lost & found items, or other announcements related to the conference.

Pending available space, this board may also be used by conference attendees to post announcements (e.g. job postings or announcements related to the profession). No commercial or promotional materials will be allowed. Please check with conference registration staff before making any postings.

CMS will provide a table near the registration area for distribution of the following:

  • Conference session handouts
  • Advertisements (e.g. flyers or brochures) for events related to music in higher education
  • Materials from CMS Committees

Those wishing to place items on the common table must first check in with CMS registration staff for approval. Unapproved items will be removed.

Materials are limited to 25 copies but may be replenished as they are distributed. This is a shared table thus, in the interest of fairness to all, “fanning” of materials or elaborate displays are not allowed.

The following may NOT be placed on this table:

  • Job postings
  • Commercial / Promotional materials (e.g. product samples, invitations, giveaways, etc...)

For this program, complimentary standard Internet access has been negotiated for all conference space. Login instructions will be posted on the announcement board in the conference registration area.

Please Note: If one’s sole purpose in connecting to the Internet is to show a YouTube video as part of a presentation, it is possible (and recommended) to download the video to a laptop in advance. One may also insert a video clip into a PowerPoint presentation, negating the necessity for an Internet connection. Please visit this tutorial on how to manage this using the Firefox browser. Alternatively, you may install free software to download YouTube videos to your computer.