Grant Beglarian

Following, the reader will find information concerning the Contemporary Music Project—its goals, a description of college and university programs in operation across the country, and a preliminary statement concerning evaluation of the Project.

Institutes for Music in Contemporary Education - Origin and Objectives

Regional Reports

A Preliminary Statement Concerning Evaluation

The general policies of the MENC Contemporary Music Project are determined by a committee under the chairmanship of Norman Dello Joio. The fifteen members of the Project Policy Committee are appointed jointly by the Ford Foundation and the Music Educators National Conference. In addition to Mr. Dello Joio, the members of the committee are Leslie Bassett, Ingolf Dahl, Allen Forte, Walter Hendl, Wiley Housewright, Beth Landis, William Mitchell, Vincent Persichetti, George Rochberg, Ole Sand, Jack Schaeffer, William Thomson, Robert Trotter, and Louis Wersen. Grant Beglarian is the Director of the Contemporary Music Project.