The Dearborn Conference on Music in General Studies was developed by the College Music Society and the National Association of Schools of Music to present an opportunity for broad-based analysis of the issues related to teaching music to the non-music major.

Towards that end, NASM and CMS organized the Conference to allow significant time for small group analysis of various issues, while at the same time presenting prepared papers to provide the framework for discussion. Further, the Conference contained an unusual opportunity for participants to see "master teachers" demonstrate their teaching techniques for the non-major.

NASM and CMS have reprinted the prepared papers from the Dearborn Conference to provide a permanent record of the joint meeting. It is hoped that this publication will contribute to further discussions on the issues related to music in general studies.

We wish to thank all the presenters, whose papers we reprinted herein, along with the many individuals who contributed their time and expertise towards the success of the Dearborn Conference.

The Dearborn Conference Planning Committee

Representing the College Music Society
Chairman: Dan Politoske, University of Kansas
Suzanne Roy, The Pennsylvania State University
Arthur Tollefson, University of Arkansas

Representing the National Association of Schools of Music
Chairman: Morrette Rider, University of Oregon
Stuart Sharp, Hope College
David Swanzy, Loyola University

Samuel Hope, Executive Director, NASM
Michael Yaffe, Assistant Director for Operations, NASM