Editors' Preface

Robert S. Freeman

This colloquium was held on February 21, 1990, at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. A group of music scholars, composers, and performers gathered to share their observations and insights on teaching music to non-majors and to raise topics worthy of further research and discussion. While those assembled are committed to reaching liberal arts students, they did not attempt to determine a "proper method" for such teaching; rather, each speaker discussed his own approach and experiences.

Five distinguished teachers were invited to speak as panelists:

Samuel Adler, former Chair of Eastman's Composition Department, who taught an introductory course at the University of Rochester;

Truman Bullard, a PhD from Eastman's Musicology Department who is professor of music at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA;

Kenneth Levy, professor of music at Princeton University, a scholar of early Christian music who taught a music appreciation course which was, for many years, Princeton's largest course;

George Todd, professor of music at Middlebury College and a composer; and, finally,

Robert Winter, professor of music, a musicologist on the faculty of UCLA, and the author of several CD-ROM titles for the Voyager Company.

We wish to thank Edward T. Cone, who agreed to write an introduction for this print version of the proceedings. We also wish to thank Thomas Heck, General Editor of CMS Reports, and members of the CMS Editorial Board—especially Michael Budds—who helped us prepare the colloquium transcript for publication.

Robert Freeman
Rochester, NY

Shafer Mahoney
New Paltz, NY