Sleep: The “Key” to Successful Music Making (& How Not Getting Enough Impacts Musicians); Pamela Pike; September 21, 2018

Presenters: Dr. Pamela Pike

As teachers and performing professionals, many of us recognize that scheduling demands have increased as time for rest and relaxation have decreased. Notably, our students are experiencing similar pressures. College students enter our studios reporting less sleep as a result of juggling too many activities and increased use of technology during downtime. Sometimes, our society celebrates those who appear to require little sleep. However, researchers note the negative impact that lack of sleep can have on learning and performance.

Despite the obvious problems that lack of sleep can cause in the music lesson, such as being easily distracted or unable to focus, researchers are beginning to understand how lack of sleep impairs the learning process and memory. In this webinar, Pike will explore recent research on why students are getting less sleep than ever and the effects that sleep deprivation has upon learning, performance, and the acquisition of musical skills. In addition to providing suggestions for helping students to increase learning, retention and memory during rehearsal, she will suggest ways that faculty can frame the discussion about the importance of sleep and help students, and ourselves, to improve sleep habits and turn “rest” into a highly-prized and sought-after endeavor.

Dr. Pamela D. Pike is the Barineau Professor of Piano Pedagogy at Louisiana State University, where she coordinates the group-piano and piano pedagogy program. Pike has extensive experience teaching piano to students of all ages, both privately and in group settings. She has won awards for her pre-college and university teaching, is an MTNA Foundation Fellow, and is dedicated to helping pedagogy students develop skills necessary to become successful piano teachers.

Pike is an award-winning author and has published over three dozen scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals. Her book entitled Dynamic Group-Piano Teaching: Transforming Group Theory into Teaching Practice is published by Routledge. She has contributed chapters to recent publications including High Impact Practices in Distance Education (Stylus) and Institutional Leadership and Musician Development in Higher Music Education (Routledge).

During the past two decades, Dr. Pike has presented papers and workshops at conferences throughout Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America. She is editor-in-chief of Clavier Companion, president of the Louisiana Music Teachers Association, chair of the International Society for Music Education’s Commission on the Education of the Professional Musician, chair of the 2019 CMS National Conference committee and is a board member of the Yamaha Distance Education Network.