Team Teaching a Wellness Course; Linda Cockey, Pat Lamboni, and Robert McBrien; March 23, 2018

Presenters: Dr. Linda Cockey, Dr. Pat Lamboni, and Dr. Robert McBrien

Teaching a course that educates students about musicians’ health and safety can be accomplished in many ways. This discussion will review how three professors have combined their different disciplines (music, athletic training and psychology) to develop a course that teaches the essential skills music students need in developing a musculoskeletal and psychological awareness as a musician that directly applies to healthy practice and performance techniques.

Dr. Linda Cockey teaches at Salisbury University where she is professor of piano and co-instructor of the Wellness in Performance course. She chair’s the editorial board for MTNA’s e-Journal, is a member of CMS’s musician’s health committee and a member of the wellness committee for the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP). She is author of MTNA’s Annotated Bibliography on Wellness Resources.

Dr. Pat Lamboni, Head Athletic Trainer at Salisbury University, is an instructor in the Athletic Training program and co-developer with Drs. Linda Cockey and Bob McBrien for a Wellness class within the music program at Salisbury University. Lamboni works with over 450 athletes annually and 21 varsity teams where he is responsible for their care, prevention, management and rehabilitation after an injury occurs. He is a member of the Athletic Trainers Association where he has also presented.

Dr. Bob McBrien is a Professor Emeritus and adjunct professor at Salisbury University (MD). In Wellness in Performance he teaches effective peak performance skills within a Wellness model. McBrien is a certified Tai Chi instructor and author of articles about stress management. For many years before an early retirement, he was Director of the Student Counseling Center at SU.