How to Prevent Practice Wear and Tear from Progressing to a Playing Related Musculoskeletal Disorder (PRMD); Serap Bastepe-Gray; Fall, 2016

Presenter: Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray (Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University)

Musicians are at risk for playing-related neurological and musculoskeletal disorders (PRMD). Despite awareness and prevention efforts, continuing high prevalence rates of PRMD are being reported. This indicates a need to expand our efforts to secondary and tertiary prevention by increasing instructor and student capacity for “injury first aid” and management. College years are important in the formation of health related behaviors and college music students constitute a receptive audience for education not only for primary, but also secondary and tertiary prevention. This webinar discusses various first-aid and management approaches used by athletic trainers and coaches that prevent the progression of minor musculoskeletal issues to more serious problems in athletes, and how we can translate these to be used by musicians in the studio to promote health and enhance performance.