Transforming the Society and the Field: A Discussion with Regional Chapter Presidents


Dr. Jennifer Snodgrass (Appalachian State University), current CMS National Vice President
Dr. James Perone (University of Mount Union), incoming CMS National Vice President
Dr. Kimberly James (University of Montana), President, CMS Pacific Northwest Chapter
Dr. Jennifer Muniz (Indiana University-South Bend), President, CMS Great Lakes Chapter
Dr. Tracy Carr (Eastern New Mexico University), President, CMS Rocky Mountain Chapter

How is transformation being addressed in both the CMS regional chapters and within the academy? Join us as we discuss how CMS members are approaching the topic on the local, regional, and national levels. The panel of CMS leaders includes three Regional Presidents and the current and incoming National Vice Presidents of the Society. Each regional president presents a summary of discussions from their 2016 regional meetings, including ideas on how we can best move forward in order to implement transformation.