New Audiences, Lasting Impact: Four Pathways for General Student Sustainability

Presenters: Constance Cook Glen, Moderator, Daniel Bishop, Aida Huseynova, and Eric Lindsay (all at Indiana University, Bloomington) and Marlin McKay (Kentucky State University, in Frankfort)

Sustainability is of paramount concern for musicians in both education and the marketplace. This panel's discussion reveals four paths that encourage relevant and sustainable music study: film music’s prevalence in popular culture inherently positions it as part of a broader network that is sustainable simply because of the medium; recognition of dorm-room music-makers and acknowledgment of their importance revolutionizes traditional approaches to music composition and study; global connections impel the modern world across geographical boundaries, and music is an essential part of this process; finally, an exploration of the teaching of jazz as an active and ever-evolving genre portrays a unique opportunity to expand students' knowledge, while deepening their cultural and musical skill sets.