Athletes and the Arts - What Musicians Can Learn from Athletes; Randall Dick and John Snyder; Fall, 2015

Athletes and the Arts - What Musicians Can Learn from Athletes

Randall Dick (Athletes and the Arts) and Dr. John Snyder (Artists House Foundation)

Initiated in 2008, Athletes and the Arts (AATA) is a multi-organizational initiative recognizing that athletes exist throughout the performing arts community and that established performance, wellness and injury prevention research for sport athletes also is applicable to performing artists. Performing artists of all ages and genre are an under-served population who can benefit from a knowledgeable medical team that understands what they do (including the volume and intensity of their activities) in collaboration with a caring, innovative instructor who sees both the short- and long-term picture for a student’s development. This webinar introduces the AATA initiative, discusses how it helps address the NASM health and wellness standard, and provides educational resources and thoughts on how to optimize both performance and health for the performing artist. For more information visit the AATA website .