CMS Webinars

Musicians’ Health Webinars 2020-2021
“The Role of Collegiate Faculty and Administrators in Addressing Musicians’ Health”

Shortly after the College Music Society’s Committee on Musicians’ Health was established in 2015, we were privileged to begin presenting a series of webinars on the broad topic of musicians’ health, offering administrators, faculty and students a diverse range of practical strategies for addressing these important topics within the music curriculum.  These take on particular importance as the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), in collaboration with the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA), published a series of Health Advisories on the topics of hearing health, musculoskeletal health, vocal health and mental health, with the intention of urging postsecondary schools and departments of music to pursue ways to integrate this important information into the music curriculum.  Since the first Webinar posted on the CMS website in December 2015, the Committee on Musicians’ Health has archived a total of twenty-six webinars, with six additional webinars to be added in 2020-2021.  We are pleased to work with CMS in developing this valuable resource to help address these essential issues.