Film Screening: Serenade for Haiti

Friday, October 25
4:00–5:15 p.m.          
Conference Theater

SerenadeforHaiti“Serenade for Haiti is a wonderful achievement, as delicate as a dandelion, and in danger of blowing away in the wind. See it while you can.” – Jeffrey M. Anderson

Filmed over a seven-year period in Haiti, this documentary feature film captures a rare look at a country scored with poverty and a history of political violence and finds a story of transcendence and great humanity as the children and faculty of the Sainte Trinité Music School turn to music to unlock the power of their own lives.

When a catastrophic earthquake completely destroys the school in 2010, a stunned and devastated faculty and student body must pick up the pieces and find a way to adapt.  Devotion to each other and to the possibilities that the future still holds for them are expressed in the footage of children rehearsing in the rubble and in the rich musical heritage they have inherited.

Journeying into Haiti’s beautiful and diverse rural regions and venturing deep into the streets of Port-au-Prince before and after the 2010 earthquake, Serenade for Haiti brings to the screen an unforgettable and vivid tableau of this widely misunderstood country.  The soundtrack features the stunning music of Haiti's great composers who until this time have been largely unknown to international audiences.

For additional information, visit the film’s website.