Mentoring Sessions

The College Music Society is pleased to offer career mentoring during its 2019 National Conference. This service gives attendees an opportunity to meet with experienced colleagues in order to discuss career issues in a confidential setting. Such issues might include (but are not limited to) position searches, collegial relationships, careers in administration, challenges in leadership positions, tenure and promotion, careers in music business and industry, working at a part-time/non-tenure track job, and academic freedom. All conference registrants, including current students and faculty, are invited to participate.

Mentors and mentees will meet for 40-minute sessions during mutually convenient times. Mentoring sessions typically consist of one mentor and one mentee. Mentors and mentees keep all discussions strictly in confidence.

Although the mentor-mentee collaboration should allow for a fairly detailed exploration of the participant's concerns, it is not expected that a mentor's service to any individual will continue beyond the National Conference.

Interested in meeting with a CMS mentor?

Having a mentor can be a very helpful whenever professional perspective is needed. This service is available to all CMS members who register for the conference, and often provides not only a way to gain valuable, live feedback but also a way of networking and sharing ideas with colleagues.

The online application requires the following in PDF format:

  • A copy of your Vita
  • A summary of the goals you have for the mentoring session

These will be shared with your mentor before your designated meeting time and will help them tailor the session to best suit your needs. You will be contacted to establish an appointment once a mentor has been secured.

Applications from those wishing to apply for a mentoring session must be received no later than Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Click here to Apply for a Career Mentoring Session

Interested in serving as a mentor?

Serving as a mentor can be a tremendously rewarding experience. At CMS National Conferences, the Society always appreciates the participation of those willing to share their expertise and insights whether from the academy or industry. This is an excellent way to mentor professional colleagues, network, and share ideas.

Mentors do the following:

  • Meet with the mentee as a two-member committee at an arranged time
  • Engage the mentee in a discussion addressing their summarized goals for the session
  • Review the mentee’s Vita and sample letter, if appropriate
  • Provide feedback to the mentee

In advance of the mentoring session, mentors receive the following:

  • Mentee's Vita
  • A summary of the mentee's goals for the session

Applications from those volunteering as mentors must be received no later than Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Click here to Volunteer as a Mentor


For questions about this mentorship program, please write to conference mentoring coordinator Nancy Barry.