Tune In to Your Self with Therapeutic Stretching and Restorative Breathwork; Jacqueline Herbein; January 10, 2020

Musicians often neglect to “tune in” to themselves – listening to and consciously interpreting signals from their bodies, at and away from instruments. This webinar will guide you through key therapeutic stretches for the upper body and breath techniques for balancing the stress response system, thereby awakening and enhancing body consciousness.     

Jacqueline Herbein, NCTM, has become known for her creative approach in unraveling musicians’ pain and injury issues by working with biofeedback, imagery and alternative therapies to awaken connections within the body.  Her articles have been published in The American Music Teacher, The Canadian Music Teacher and Clavier Companion journals and she regularly presents sessions on technique, perception and wellness at state, national and international conferences.  She considers the development of physical perception, at and away from instruments, to be a cornerstone of her teaching and regularly uses ProformaVision technology (sEMG biofeedback) as a teaching enhancement.  Teaching certification in therapeutic yoga and the Embodied Breath, along with extensive independent work in the Alexander Technique heighten the movement insights she brings to her work. A Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology from the Massage Therapy Institute of Western Pennsylvania provides a solid academic foundation.  Honored with the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association and the Westmoreland Symphony Teacher of the Year awards, Jackie regularly works with teachers and students of all ages and performance levels both in private lessons and master classes.  As a pianist, she is active as a soloist and ensemble performer in Western Pennsylvania.