Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: A Collaborative Effort by CMS

Across the country, COVID-19 has halted music teaching within higher education as we think of it. Music faculty are being charged with moving instruction into the digital space, often without ample resources or previous training, and at a staggering pace.

In an effort to respond to the challenges of the moment, the College Music Society has created a repository of open-access resources that aims to gather best practices and innovative solutions for some of the most perplexing problems:

  • Large Ensemble Instruction
  • Chamber Ensemble Coaching
  • One-on-One Lessons
  • Presenting Recitals
  • Music Classroom Instruction

We prize working in a high-touch, high-engagement context with our students. Amidst the rapid pace of moving instruction into the virtual space, what faculty and students are about to experience will feel different, at least at first. Our hope is to gather diverse approaches to online instruction that will help facilitate meaningful engagement with our students, amidst the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in.

This is a call to musicians from within and outside higher education to share best practices, alternate assignments, radical re-imaginings, lessons-learned, and ideas that might spark local solutions for continuing our important work in the virtual space.

With gratitude for the tireless leadership of CMS President, Eileen M. Hayes and Executive Director, William Pelto, and with special thanks to Michael Stepniak whose imagination and sense of possibility ignited our CMS community to pursue this initiative.

Stay safe. Stay close.

Mark Rabideau
President-Elect, College Music Society

Here’s how it works:


Sharing Resources

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Accessing Resources

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