CMS Wall of Gratitude

CMS would like to thank the individuals below who have contributed to the Society to assist operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

The online contribution form is still open and available for any additional members wishing to contribute.

Jennifer Amaya

Mary Arlin

Dennis AsKew

Antonio Baldassarre

Amy Beegle
in honor of Patricia Shehan Campbell

Matthew Bengtson

Michael Benson
in honor of Esther Mills Wood

Gail Berenson

Alan Berquist

Carl Patrick Bolleia
in honor of adjuncts everywhere

Judith Bowman

Don Bowyer
in honor of the CMS Staff

Caterina Bristol
in honor of Eileen Hayes

Eliza Brown

John Buccheri
in honor of Bill Pelto

Stephen Cabell

Jeff Calissi

Miles Canaday

James Chenevert

Brian Kai Chin
in honor of Mauri Pelto

Sabrina Clarke

Don Coffman

Krista Connelly

Jean-Claude Coquempot
in honor of Peter Park

Scott Cuellar

Suzanne Cusick
in honor of Eileen Hayes

Madeleine Darmiento

Stefane Dickinson

Dominick DiOrio

Teryl Dobbs
in honor of Eileen Hayes and Bill Pelto

Ann DuHamel

Donald Dumpson
James and Lucile Dumpson

Carl DuPont

Tabatha Easley

Jonah Lloyd Elrod</p

William Everett

Timothy Farrell

Maxine Fawcett-Yeske

Stephen Ferre

Patrick Finley

Miranora Frisch

Brian Galante

Kerry Ginger

Susan Gray

Paula Gudmundson

Kyle Gullings

Christopher Guzman

Keitha Hamann

N. Lincoln Hanks

Josef Hanson
in honor of Bill Pelto

Adrienne Harding
in honor of an Anti-Racist CMS

Tayloe Harding
in honor of our greatest colleagues in the industry--the staff at CMS

Eileen Hayes
in honor of Mauri Pelto
in honor of Mary Ethel Fuget

Ron Hemmel

Maud Hickey

Sanford Hinderlie

Russell Hirshfield
in honor of CMS

Chiwei Hui

Eric Hung

Maureen L. Hurd Hause

Aida Huseynova

Aaron Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Robert Edward Jones

Darin Kamstra

Laurence Kaptain

Deborah Kavasch
in honor of John Willard Marvin

Tammy Kernodle
in honor of President Eileen Hayes

Fred Kersten

Michelle Kiec

Ann Knipschild

Nicole Lamartine

Sonya Lawson

Sang-Hie Lee
in honor of CMS

Richard Marcus

Brian Marks

Alexander Marrero
in honor of Harold F. Abeles

Paul Mast

Renee McCachren

Alyson McLamore

Michael Millar

John Miller

Elizabeth Moak
in honor of Peter Park

Douglas Moore
in honor of Robby Gunstream

Deborah Nemko
in honor of Executive Director, Bill Pelto

Yumiko Oshima-Ryan

Craig Parker
in honor of Olin G. Parker
in honor of Olin G. Parker

Daniel Parks

William Pelto
in honor of CMS President Eileen M. Hayes

Mario Pelusi
in honor of Robby Gunstream

Daniel Perlongo

Jay Peterson

Joseph Pignato

Pamela Pike
in honor of Peter Park

Mark Rabideau
in honor of Bill Pelto's Father

Judy Ransom

Mary Anne Rees

Jonathan Ritter

Charles Robinson

Kathleen Roland-Silverstein
in honor of The College Music Society

Brenda M. Romero
in honor of The ASU Student Chapter of CMS

Phil Salathé

Henry Schmidt
in honor of Jim Pruett

Margaret Schmidt

Jennifer Snodgrass
William Kearns, Americanist

Beverly A. Soll

Emery Stephens

Lois Svard
in honor of Catherine Payn

Michelle Tabor

Manabu Takasawa

Joseph Talleda
in honor of Dr. Louis Nagel

Paula Telesco

David Thurmaier

Bo Ties

Julia Tom

Gene Trantham
in honor of the CMS National Office Staff

Lisa Urkevich

David Walsh

Kim Wangler

Keith Ward

Susan Wheatley

Ralph Williams

Janet Yamron

Charles Young

BettyAnne Younker