When the Show Must Go On: Resilience and Renewal in an Uncertain Time; Susan Raeburn; September 11, 2020:

This webinar provided an overview of the nature of resilience incorporating related aspects of stress and coping, positive psychology, and the neuroscience supporting it.  Participants were invited to consider both their personal and their professional relationships to resilience whether as educators, students, musicians, or administrators. Recent and historical stressors were acknowledged.

Practical ways to understand and strengthen one’s resilience over time will be highlighted.  This will include:

1) the role of past conditioning and of new learning,

2) the importance of lifestyle factors (exercise, nutrition, sleep and rest, supportive relationships, laughter and play, flow and creativity), and

3) the cultivation of Mindful awareness, empathy, compassion, and awe as teachable renewal practices. 

In addition to individual practices, participants will be invited to consider and clarify their personal and professional relationships to “organizational resilience” via “cultural competence,” values clarification, social connection, and social responsibility.

Dr. Susan Raeburn is a licensed clinical psychologist in independent practice in Oakland, CA with a special interest in working with performing artists.  She attended U.C.L.A. (BA), San Francisco State University (M.A.), and the Wright Institute, Berkeley (Ph.D). Following internship training at Stanford University Medical Center, she was a staff psychologist there in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine (1983-1992). She later worked as a staff psychologist in Chemical Dependency Services at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Walnut Creek, CA (1992-2016).

In addition to her clinical practice, Susan has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on eating disorders, addictions, and musician mental health.  With Eric Maisel, she co-authored Creative Recovery: A Complete Addiction Treatment Program That Uses Your Natural Creativity (Shambhala, 2008.) Susan has been active at music industry conferences (South by Southwest, North by Northwest, NARAS, The Future of Music Coalition, The Experience Music Project) and the Performing Arts Medicine Association where she is on the Editorial Board of their journal, Medical Problems of Performing Artists.

As an amateur guitarist/singer, Susan considers one of her greatest qualification in working with performers being the daughter of big band leader Boyd Raeburn and jazz vocalist Ginnie Powell.