Student Advisory Council Panel

Keeping it Real: The Life of the Professor in the Next Generation 
Friday, October 16
2:45–3:30 p.m. 

From the idea of supplemental income as a professional YouTuber to the realities of securing a tenure track position, the future plans and expectations of music students are currently in a dramatic shift. The former trajectory of graduate school directly into a position within the academy might not be the only plan for current students as they begin to seek out ways to share their artistry and scholarship beyond the traditional venues of publication and presentation. Students that are seeking academic appointments may not have been given up-to-date and honest information about the hiring process or the expectations placed on faculty in those early years. The conversation is needed, between senior faculty, junior faculty, and students of all the subdisciplines about expectations and other options within and beyond the academy. This discussion, led by student members of the Student Advisory Council, seeks to highlight some of the questions about expectations, entrepreneurship, and the music profession as a whole. 

Some of the questions to be discussed include:

• What should students expect in graduate school? 

• What should graduate students expect in first academic jobs? 

• What should new faculty expect in terms of research productivity? 

• What should new faculty expect in terms of performance productivity?

• What options are available for students not in the academy?

• How can musicians market themselves as a professional YouTuber?