FAQ: Attending the Conference

A. One must be registered for the conference to attend any portion of the conference. 

A. Registrations will be accepted through 12 noon Mountain Time on Thursday, September 17. Please note that on-site registration is NOT offered; thus, it will only be possible to attend by signing up by the registration deadline. 

A. CMS has selected an event management platform called Socio for the conference. Socio serves as our digital venue and supports content delivery within multiple “rooms” concurrently as well as the virtual exhibit hall. Attendees will access the conference by downloading the conference mobile app or viewing the desktop web app, both of which contain the conference schedule, presentation descriptions, speaker bios, and resource materials. Attendees can construct their own personalized schedule within the app and click on provided links to each presentation to enter each “room.” Just as in a person-to-person conference, one may join a scheduled presentation and leave that “room” to join another presentation in progress. 

A. Attendees will need to download the conference app to their desktop, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device. It is not necessary to purchase any special software or hardware to attend.  

A. All conference registrants will receive instructions for downloading the app via email on Monday, October 5. Although anyone may download the app, only those registered for the conference will be able to view its content.

A. A master list of registrants has been uploaded to the app. Attendees are required to log into the app with the exact email address used for registration to view content.

A. Yes! In fact, two devices may even be used in tandem (e.g., one might view a presentation on a desktop computer while using their phone to answer poll questions).

A. Only registered participants are permitted to observe and/or participate in the event. Sharing of meeting links, logins, or passwords is strictly prohibited. As a condition of registration, one is required to acknowledge, accept, and abide by this policy. Failure to comply will result in the immediate revocation of event access privileges without a refund.

A. If you are having trouble using the app, first tap the “App Help” icon to see if your question is answered there. If not, you can reach out to the Socio support team within the app by tapping:

  1. The “Me” tab (lower right portion of the screen), then
  2. The settings (gear) icon, then
  3. “Feedback & Help”, then
  4. “New Conversation.”  

You may also email the Socio support team at .

A. Similar to bumping into people in the hallway or meeting room of a physical venue, the Socio platform offers several ways for people to connect in the virtual world. To allow for this, each attendee is encouraged to build a personal profile within the app that can contain as much (or as little) information about themselves as they wish to share (click on the “Me” icon in the lower, right portion of the screen). Once an attendee opts in, they are added to a searchable roster of conference attendees.

To begin a conversation with another person listed in the directory, one simply sends that person a request to add to their network (as one would do within Facebook, for example) and, after their request is accepted, an open chat dialogue can commence. Please note that this feature is only available on the mobile app. A second way to connect with others is to use the “Shake” feature (again, only available via the mobile app), which displays a list of all others who are looking at the “Shake” screen at the same time (this could even be an activity directed by a presenter during their session). From this screen, one can send a request to connect with anyone listed. Note: Using the "Shake" feature requires location services to be enabled.

A. There are currently no plans to make all presentations available for replay in their entirety. However, within one day after each presentation or performance has taken place, any associated pre-recorded segments will be made available within the conference app for viewing by registered attendees.

A. Participating in the game is a great way to ensure that you're staying engaged! The goal is to earn more points than other attendees and have fun while doing it. Those who finish on top will win fabulous prizes (there will be multiple winners). Points are awarded whenever you enter a passcode into the app. Passcodes are revealed as you complete the challenges described in the game. Keep in mind that codes must be entered exactly, with no added spaces, characters, or misspellings. May the odds be ever in your favor!