Rehearsal and performance pianos in the following spaces have been graciously donated by Steinway & Sons.

Rochester Riverside Convention Center Grand Lilac Ballroom South & Highland J:
Grand pianos have been arranged for these rooms. As conference rooms are seldom an optimal acoustic environment for live concert music, a wooden dance floor will be placed under the piano to mitigate the effects of carpeting. The piano must remain on the dance floor and any movement of the instrument must be coordinated through the CMS staff.

Aqueduct AB / CD:
Upright pianos will be found in these practice rooms. Please refer to the information regarding practice rooms for further information.  

Grand Lilac Ballroom North, Cascade A-B, Cascade DEF, Highland C, Highland E, & Highland G:
No keyboard instruments will be provided by CMS in these rooms.

Eastman School of Music Hatch Recital Hall:
A grand piano has been arranged for this concert space.