The Role of the Audiologist in Helping Musicians; Dr. Dana Glasenhardt; March 18, 2022

Presenter: Dr. Dana Glasenhardt 
March 18, 2022, noon Eastern Time

Dr. Dana Glasenhardt, AuD will discuss her background in music as an undergraduate student majoring in recording engineering and her decision to go into the field of audiology.  She will address her audiological approach to musician hearing wellness, which includes discussing basic ear anatomy, hearing and balance abnormalities, an outline for audiologic testing, possible results, protective strategies, and resources to find an audiologist, if you are a musician. Within this discussion, Dr. Gasenhardt will examine the role of an audiologist in helping musicians implement a personalized hearing conservation plan and how to preserve the function of their ears over one’s career.

Dr. Dana Glasenhardt, AuD is a Board-Certified Clinical Audiologist, who provides diagnostic, technical and patient-focused audiology services for hospitals and outpatient clinics. She earned her Doctor of Audiology degree from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She received her clinical training at Sensaphonics’ Musician Clinic in Chicago, IL and at Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago, IL.  Dr. Glasenhardt grew up in a musical family. She studied classical piano and at the University of Miami, Frost School of Music she studied with the late Dr. Teresa Escandón, pupil of Jorge Bolet.  She received a Bachelor of Music in Music Engineering from the University of Miami as well as minors in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. 

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