Change Leadership Discussion Pods

Saturday, October 9
4:15–5:15 p.m.

The 2021 Robert M. Trotter Lecture and Change Leadership Discussion Pods are conceived by the Program Committee as the culminating event of the conference at which members gather not only for a remarkable performance and presentation but also for the discussions about substantive issues in music Change Leadership.

Following the Lecture, all attendees are invited to participate in moderated breakout discussions in various spaces on the Eastman campus themed around “Change Leadership.” The goal of these discussion pods is to provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in conversations about successes and challenges related to pursuing institutional/departmental change in several identified areas (e.g., Change Leadership and Admissions, Concert Programming, Community Engagement, Student Success, etc.). Each discussion leader will be encouraged to take notes and subsequently share suggestions, solutions, and strategies generated by participants with each of CMS’ standing committees for their consideration going forward.