Health Requirements for Entry

To gain entry to the conference, every attendee must complete the following three steps:

Prior to arrival at registration:

1. Upload either a vaccine record or a negative PCR or Rapid Antigen Test report via the ShareMy.Health digital passport. Note: The email address used must exactly match the address associated with each attendee’s registration. After a health status has been validated, the passport will display a white check mark on a green background, and this proof of clearance must be displayed at the door.

2. Digitally sign a Waiver of Liability. Once this has been completed, both the signer and conference organizers will receive an email verification. It is not necessary to show the signed waiver at the door.


3. Everyone must complete the Daily Health Screening Form by 8:00 am of each day they plan to attend the conference.Those who have enrolled in the pre-conference workshop must complete this form on Wednesday. It is not necessary to show screening results at the door.