Hotel FAQ

Hotel FAQ – updated 9/07/22

Q: Is it required that I purchase a room at the conference hotels?

A: It is not required but it is strongly encouraged. CMS has provided the conference hotel with a guarantee that a minimum number of rooms will be sold and, if the organization fails to meet its obligation, CMS will be forced to pay penalties which will jeopardize future international programs.


Q: If I purchase a room at the conference hotel through an online wholesaler, such as Hotwire or, will CMS be credited for the sale?

A: No. Only rooms booked by using the conference reservations link will count towards the fulfillment of the contracted block. Please book your rooms through the provided means of reservation only.


Q: I will arrive early in the morning on July 2. Will I be able to store my luggage until the hotel allows me to check in?

A: Yes! If you will be checking in as a guest of the Hilton Garden Inn, the hotel will store your luggage for you until your room is ready. If you have made alternative lodging arrangements, you should check the policy of your arranged hotel.


Q: I have tried to reserve a room at one of the conference hotels but received a message that there is no availability. Yet, when I look on the hotel’s website, I see that rooms are still available. What does this mean?

A: This likely indicates that the block of rooms reserved by CMS has sold through on one or more nights. If you encounter this situation, notify the CMS Executive Office right away. CMS will closely monitor its room block and work with the hotel to add rooms to the block if availability allows. Please keep in mind, however, that the hotel is not contractually obligated to offer additional rooms at the conference rate and they are entitled to use their own discretion.


Q: If I choose to stay somewhere other than one of the conference hotels, will CMS be able to organize transportation between my choice of lodging and the conference hotel, or will CMS reimburse me for such transportation?

A: Regrettably, this is not possible.


Q: I am staying somewhere other than the conference hotel. Is it possible for the bus transferring attendees between locations to pick me up at my choice of lodging?

A: Regrettably, this is not possible. Specific routes and stops have been arranged in advance and deviation from the planned course is not contractually allowable. 


Q: I do not have a travel companion. Is it possible to share the cost of a room with another participant?

A: Yes! We encourage you to use the CMS Roommate Finder tool to list yourself or to locate others who have added themselves to this roster.