Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ – updated 9/07/22

Q: I have paid my deposit. Now how do I pay the remaining balance?

A: After logging in on the CMS home page with your username and password, select “My Event Registrations” from the “Membership” pulldown menu. Clicking “Pay Now” to the right of the event title will take you to a page where you can pay the balance.


Q: I have paid my deposit and wish to pay an installment rather than the full remaining balance. Is this possible?

A: Yes. Please phone the CMS Executive Office at (406) 721-9616 to make payment arrangements.


Q: My partner or family member will be traveling with me but will not attend the conference. Is it possible for them to join me for any of the organized meals and tours?

A: Yes. CMS offers a special reduced registration fee for traveling companions. This rate is for persons who will accompany a regular registrant but who cannot benefit professionally from attending the conference. Companion registration entitles the companion to participate in all the tours, meals, and special events enjoyed by regular registrants.


Q: Must traveling companions join CMS to register?

A: No, CMS membership is not required for traveling companions.


Q: Do traveling companions need to pay a deposit?

A: No. They should pay the full companion rate in one sum.


Q: My traveling companion wants to attend only the welcome lunch. Is it possible to pay for this one event separately?

A: No. CMS does not offer conference activities on an a la carte basis. Meals and activities will be reserved based on the total number of registrants after the final registration deadline.


Q: I will only be able to attend a portion of the conference—not the entire program. Can I pay a reduced rate because of this?

A: All conference presenters must pay the full registration fee, regardless of their individual travel plans or attendance at specific functions. These programs provide a means for CMS members to get to know each other, make connections with local colleagues, and learn from each other. Thus, it is hoped that each person will fully participate in the program and join the group for all tours and excursions.


Q: I am performing a lecture-recital on the program. Is my accompanist required to register for the conference?

A: Yes. CMS views accompanists as collaborators and, as such, they will benefit professionally from taking part. Thus, they are required to register.


Q: I am a composer having a work performed on the conference program. Are my performers required to register for the conference?

A: Yes. Performers are conference participants and, as such, they will benefit professionally from taking part. Thus, they are required to register.


Q: But what if my performer is from the local area—do they still need to register?

A: Please contact CMS to discuss this issue.


Q: I have been invited to present a lecture-recital on the conference but my collaborator is no longer able to attend. Am I allowed to replace this person, or must I withdraw from the program?

A: It is not necessary to withdraw if a substitute collaborator can be found before the presenter registration deadline of March 9, 2023. Persons in this situation may wish to approach a performer listed on the CMS Players Roster. These members have indicated in which events they would like to become involved, and you may search for performers by event or instrument. Please notify CMS of personnel changes as they occur and ensure that your new collaborator registers for the conference. If a replacement cannot be found before March 9, please communicate with CMS to discuss what options remain.


Q: Are faculty members and students who live in Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia allowed to attend the conference?

A: Yes! As an incentive to involve as many local faculty and students as possible, a special daily rate will be offered to local faculty and students who are not presenting on the conference program. These registrations will not be taken in advance. To register, interested locals should visit the conference registration desk on the day of the program. The cost to attend is €50 per day for faculty members and €25 per day per day for students. Payment may be made by cash or credit card. 


Q: Does CMS provide any scholarships or grants?

A: Unfortunately, CMS is not able to provide any funding for conference participants. Each conference is self-sustaining, and no additional monies are received from outside sources to allow for grants or scholarships.