The Conference Hotel is:

  Miami Marriott Dadeland
  9090 S Dadeland Blvd
  Miami, FL 33156


Why Stay at the Conference Hotel?

The conference hotel is the hub of conference activities. It’s a short distance from presentations, it provides opportunities for networking with colleagues, and it makes it easy to return to your room when needed. But there are additional details you should be aware of before you consider booking at another hotel.

CMS makes every effort to keep registration fees at a minimum. One way this is done is to provide the conference hotel with a guarantee that a specific number of sleeping rooms will be occupied by our conference attendees. In exchange for the hotel room occupation, the property provides CMS with complimentary meeting space and other discounts. If the conference does not meet the contracted sleeping room commitment, as has happened in the very recent past, the hotel gets paid anyway. Unfilled rooms will cost CMS tens of thousands of dollars, and this places the future of our programs at great risk.

We know that, for many attendees, finding the lowest possible hotel rate is paramount, and we are aware that people sometimes choose lodging somewhere other than the conference hotel. However, before you book your hotel room for this year’s event, please consider supporting both the conference and your organization by staying at the conference hotel.


Reservation Deadline

The deadline to reserve rooms in the conference hotel is Monday, October 2, 2023. 


How to Edit Your Reservation

If you are a member of the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program and your booking is associated with your Bonvoy number, you can edit your reservation by logging in to, then clicking “My Trips” in the upper, right corner. If your reservation appears, you can click “View/Modify” to make your changes. If your reservation does not appear, click “Don’t see your reservation? Search by confirmation number” and enter the appropriate details.

If you are not a member of the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, or if you are having difficulty locating your reservation within your Bonvoy account, please contact the Miami Marriott Dadeland Hotel at (305) 670-1035.


Hotel Room Cancellation Fee

CMS strongly encourages attendees who book a guest room at the conference hotel, but who subsequently no longer need it (e.g., one finds a roommate or makes alternate lodging arrangements), to cancel their original hotel reservation as soon as such a decision is made. When one holds a room past the hotel reservation deadline, this prevents other attendees from booking the room. It also places CMS in a difficult position, as the organization may be required to pay for the unused room. To discourage this practice, attendees who cancel their guest room reservation(s) at the conference hotel within 30 days of the start of the conference (on or after September 14th, 2023), will be assessed a $179.67 cancellation surcharge (the equivalent of one night's stay plus applicable tax) by CMS and will be obligated to pay it in order to pick up registration materials. When two or more persons are associated with a reservation, the cancellation fee will be divided equally amongst them, and each will be responsible for their portion. In the event an attendee for whom this policy applies withdraws participation in the event, they will be billed for the fee.


Hotel Early Departure Fee

The Miami Marriott Dadeland charges an early departure fee of one night’s room and tax if a guest checks out prior to the confirmed checkout date on their reservation unless for a medical or family emergency. 


Be Aware of Scams!

Neither the hotel nor CMS have authorized any third-party agents to represent them in booking rooms for attendees. Booking a room using the above link is the only reservation method guaranteed by the hotel to result in an actual reservation. Please be aware that phone and email scams exist which target conference attendees, and scammers may even attempt to impersonate a representative of CMS or the hotel. Please report such fraudulent activity to [email protected] or (406) 721-9616.