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From The College Music Society

CMS Reports Series:

No. 3, Racial & Ethnic Directions in American Music

No. 5, Women's Studies, Women's Status, 1987

No. 7, Music in the Undergraduate Curriculum - A Reassessment

No. 8, Toward the End of the Century: Minority & Cross-Cultural Perspectives

No. 9, The 'Music Information Explosion' and its Implications College Teachers and Students

No. 10, The Eastman Colloquium on Teaching Music as a Liberal Art

All CMS Reports are available from The College Music Society at $5.00 per copy. Write to or call The College Music Society at 312 East Pine Street, Missoula MT 59802, (406) 721-9616.

Monographs and Bibliographies in American Music Series:

No. 10, Music in American Higher Education: An Annotated Bibliography, by Edward Brookhart


From the National Association of Schools of Music

Frequently Asked Questions: Students, Parents, Public – Questions dealing with issues ranging from the role of NASM in higher education to advice on selecting a postsecondary music program.

NASM Handbook – Contains NASM standards and guidelines for accreditation.

NASM Basic Competency Index by Discipline and Specialization – Undergraduate Degrees in Music – A list of competencies derived from the NASM accreditation standards for professional and liberal arts undergraduate degrees in music. Not a substitute for the Handbook but a good quick-reference tool.

NASM Accreditation Procedures – Includes Procedures for Institutions, Procedures for Visiting Evaluators, and other accreditation-related resources.

Publications – Contains accreditation procedures, documents, and forms; papers on assessment and policy studies; advisory documents; copies of major Annual Meeting speeches and presentations, statistical information (Higher Education Arts Data Services), etc.

Achievement and Quality: Higher Education in the Arts – A Web resource developed by the four arts accrediting associations that addresses issues of achievement and quality as they relate both to individual work in the arts disciplines and to institutional capabilities and results. Useful in explaining relationships between the nature of the field and assessment to individuals without a music or arts background.

Music Study, Mobility, and Accountability Project – A project created by a European-American Working Group that explores issues regarding student and faculty exchanges, curricula, and evaluation criteria and procedures.

The items listed above are available from the NASM Web site.  There is no charge for the above documents.  For additional publications or information, write to or call the National Association of Schools of Music at 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, #21, Reston, VA 22090, (703) 437-0700.