2021 CMS Pre-Conference Workshops

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2021 CMS Pre-conference Workshop I:
Musicians’ Mental Health

Wednesday, October 6
Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs Street (Eastman Main Building)
Rochester, New York

Throughout the lifetime of musicians, any number of events can have an impact on their health, and specifically on their emotional wellbeing. This day-long set of sessions, involving a combination of knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals and music faculty, will focus on four key areas in which students and faculty together seek solutions on a daily basis: 1. Adapting to an ever-increasing diverse and challenging world; 2. Understanding faculty boundaries to know when to send students to medical professionals for further assistance; 3. Helping students develop their identities as musicians and enhance their self-esteem; 4. Assisting students handle the emotional ramifications involved in overcoming injuries and returning to play.

Welcoming participation from across our Society, Co-Chairs of the CMS Committee on Musicians’ Health Gail Berenson and Linda Cockey, say, “We hope CMS members will take advantage of this opportunity to engage in what we expect will be a day of crucial and lively discussions.”


8:30 am:    Registration (Sproull Atrium)

9:00 am:    The Diverse and Socio-Economic Issues that Impact Musicians and Their Health

10:30 am:  Break

10:45 am:  The Role of the Music Teacher: What Can Teachers Handle and What Necessitates a Visit to the                     University Health Center?

12:00 pm:  Lunch (on own)

1:00 pm:    Developing Identity as a Musician: The Demands and Expectations Students Place on Themselves

2:15 pm:    Break

2:30 pm:    Handling the Psychological Issues that Arise During and Following an Injury: A Team Approach                     Between Student, Teacher, Physician and Therapist

3:45 pm:    Break

4:00 pm:    Important Take-Aways from The Day: Where Do We Go from Here? Wrap-Up / Q&A

5:00 pm:    Workshop Concludes

      Gail Berenson, co-chair, CMS Committee on Musicians' Health
      John Chong, M.D.
      Linda Cockey, DMA, co-chair, CMS Committee on Musicians' Health
      Armand Hall, Executive and Artist director of the ROCmusic Collaborative
      Cheryl Kodjo, M.D., M.P.H.
      Heather Malyuk, AuD
      Ralph Manchester, M.D.
      Gaelen McCormick, Manager of Eastman Performing Arts Medicine (EPAM)
      Willord Simmons, M.Ed.
      Ronke Tapp, Ph.D.

2021 CMS Pre-conference Workshop II:
Imagining, Creating, Becoming: Community Engagement through Music
and the Lens of Social Justice

Wednesday, October 6
Sproull Atrium, Eastman School of Music
25 Gibbs Street (in the Miller Center)
Rochester, New York

The members of the Committee for Community Engagement are committed to bringing people together to create spaces in which we can each/all become – more whole, aware, and better at building individual and collective agency through music. It is in this spirit we invite you to attend a day of exploring and experiencing innovative ways of envisioning, conceiving, and doing community engagement through music with a focus on addressing issues of social justice. This preconference day will be an immersive experience during which we will visit and dialogue with people engaged with engagement, analytically determining what kinds of engagement there are, and how to co-create experiences that are more meaningful, collaborative, equitable, inclusive, and sustainable. Our day will include site visits, conversations, and interaction with ongoing projects. You will then be guided through the process of creating an actual project you can take back to your home institutions and transform into musical action.


      8:00 am:    Registration (Sproull Atrium)

      8:30 am:    Convene as group / Content review

      9:00 am:    Depart for site visits (small groups):

                           Group A:   Joseph Avenue Cultural Center

                           Group B:   Ganondagan Cultural and Arts Center, Seneca Nation

                           Group C:   World of Inquiry School

                           Group D:   Public School Choral Program

      12:00 pm:  Lunch (on own)

      1:00 pm:    Convene as group / Debrief & share experiences from the morning

      1:30 pm:    Guided discussion of creating & building community projects

      3:30 pm:    Small group work – imagine individual project possibilities

      4:30 pm:    Share initial project ideas

      5:00 pm:    Closure

      5:30 pm:    Workshop concludes


      Cara Bernard, University of Connecticut
      Donna Emmanuel, University of North Texas
      Elissa Johnson-Green, UMass Lowell
      Jack Ricchiuto, Nuance Works

2021 CMS Pre-conference Workshop III:
Exploring Creative Design at the Human-Technology Frontier Through the Emerging
‘Artist-Technologist’ Occupation

Wednesday, October 6
Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman School of Music
433 E. Main Street
Rochester, New York

Career opportunities and working roles of artists have changed over the last 30 years, dramatically so in 2020. Musicians must increasingly master significant skill sets in technology, both in the performance and creation of music and media and the ability to collaborate with experts in other domains. This represents a change in the entrepreneurial, business, and technology skills artists must develop.

While musicians often collaborate with technologists, this may not realize the full potential of technology in art/music production. Those with dual expertise in art and technology (artist/technologists or ATs) may fulfill that potential. The University of Rochester is exploring the skills needed by artist-technologists, with a focus on musicians and composers and how we can prepare students for these occupations, particularly in Augmented/Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This project, “Exploring Creative Design at the Human-Technology Frontier Through the Emerging ‘Artist-Technologist” Occupation” is funded by the National Science Foundation Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier program.

Future ATs’ may be self-employed creators of art that is integrated with relevant technologies, while others may operate within interdisciplinary groups, either media production teams (as filmmakers, composers, game designers, advertisers, etc.) or design teams in a variety of high-tech fields (medicine, education, communications, etc.). This session will include participants from the NSF planning grant, industry professionals and leaders in higher education, in an exploration of the skills sets needed and how we position students for success.


      1:00 pm:    Registration (Wolk Atrium, entrance to Hatch Recital Hall)

      1:30 pm:    Workshop Begins

      4:30 pm:    Workshop Concludes


      Raffaella Borasi, Director, Center for Learning in the Digital Age, University of Rochester
      Michael Millar, Co-chair, CMS Committee on Career Development and Entrepreneurship
      Rachel Roberts, Director, Institute for Music Leadership, Eastman School of Music

Event Summary

Event Date 10-06-2021
Event End Date 10-06-2021
Registration Start Date 06-21-2021
Cut off date 09-09-2021
Individual Price Free Registration to Conference Registrants
Location Eastman School of Music