Retired Membership PLUS


Retirement is the perfect time to step up with involvement with CMS!  Membership offers opportunities both to receive continued member benefits and give back to younger members and the profession.  The Society needs and appreciates the experience that retired members bring to the organization.

Search Music Institutions, Faculties, Administrators, and Graduate Degrees

    Over 1,800 Institutions
    Over 4,000 Administrators
    Over 38,000 Faculty
    Over 400 Graduate Degrees
    Over 165 Music Specializations

Extend your Professional Horizons

  • Network with colleagues active in a wide range of musical disciplines, from across the U.S. and beyond
  • Stay informed current research, new performances, and innovative pedagogies
  • Stay connected with the profession by attending conferences — regional, national, and international
  • Mentor students and young professionals just beginning their careers
  • Learn and publish through College Music Symposium, the online journal of The College Music Society
  • Receive discounts on CMS books and monographs, and present your book idea for publication
  • Involve yourself in the engagement activities of the CMS Fund, which supports exemplary and innovative projects to bring to the public of the music profession in higher education
Duration: 1 year
Price: $52.00

CMS Membership Policy


Kindly note that membership in CMS is for a twelve-month period, available to individuals only, and is non-transferable.

CMS is unable to accept submissions for entire Schools, Departments, or Organizations.

Offline Payment Options

If you do not wish to pay online on the secure server, you may print and mail or fax the following documents with payment:

Membership Application

Membership Renewal