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Our Mission

The College Music Society promotes music teaching and learning, musical creativity and expression, research and dialogue, and diversity and interdisciplinary interaction. A consortium of college, conservatory, university, and independent musicians and scholars interested in all disciplines of music, the Society provides leadership and serves as an agent of change by addressing concerns facing music in higher education.

Services for Individuals FAQs

Services are available to individuals through membership in The College Music Society

How do I join?

Join CMS by completing the application process on line or by calling the CMS Executive Office at (406) 721-9616.

Who can join?

All are welcome to join CMS. Anyone interested in making use of CMS services, in taking part in its activities, and in considering the many things CMS members's discuss is welcome to join the Society.

What do I get when I join?
Benefits of joining the Society can be found on the Benefits of Membership page.

Is CMS Membership based on the calendar year?
No, membership runs for 12 months from the day your membership is activated.

Does CMS offer institutional memberships?
At this time membership is only available to individuals and is nontransferable.

How much does membership cost?

Annual membership prices can be found on the Benefits of Membership page.

If a member can't remember their login and password, what should they do?

Click the ‘Login’ link on the top menu of the CMS site. There you will find links to assist you if you’ve forgotten this information.

Can a member change their login and password?
Click the ‘Login’ link on the top menu of the CMS site. Once logged in, choose ‘My account’ from the top menu. Then click on the icon ‘My account information’ to choose a new username and/or password.

How do I update my personal information (email, phone, mailing address, etc.)?
Your billing address and other contact information you use to communicate with CMS can be accessed under ‘My Account’ on the top menu after you’ve logged in to the CMS Membership site. The contact information you wish to display to other CMS members can be updated by clicking ‘My Profile’ on the top menu.

What is the current membership of The College Music Society?
Over 9,000 persons are members of the Society.

Does CMS keep its membership informed of opportunities and activities?

The Society keeps its members informed of opportunities through "This Month at CMS," issued on the first day of each month.  It provides Society news, reminders, and updates concerning CMS deadlines and activities.