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By joining CMS you have taken an important step.  Get on the fast track with CMS and wring every possible benefit out of your membership. The following four steps will help you to advance your career and participate more fully in the music profession:

  • Investigate - See what CMS has to offer.

Explore everything about CMS – current research, new performances, innovative pedagogies, engagement and outreach initiatives, and career development opportunities:

      • Review monthly CMS communications. CMS communicates consistently with its members, providing details about publications, professional opportunities, and upcoming events.  Look for This Month at CMS, sent to your email box on the first day of each month of the year.
      • College Music Symposium, our premier online music journal, presents the work of the Society's current members as well as those from our fifty-three year history, offering a rich treasury from the past half-century that you may freely draw upon. 
      • Learn more! Full details concerning the purposes, work, and activities of The College Music Society are available in the About main menu item above.  We invite you to explore this section of the CMS website for further information.


  • Participate - Contribute to the dialogue via publications, conferences, summits, workshops, and discussion groups.

CMS offers a wide variety of ways for you to present your work:

      • College Music Symposium welcomes scholarly articles, short think pieces, videos of lectures and performances, audio files of performances, reviews, and longer studies.  Submit your work whenever you would like to have it considered.
      • The CMS Events page provides the latest information concerning our international, national, and regional conferences, including Calls for Program Participation/Calls for Scores and travel details. Summits and professional development events are found here, as well.
      • Books and Monographs welcomes your ideas for publication in traditional printed format.  You are welcome to submit ideas for the Bibliographies in American Music, Sourcebooks in American Music, and Cultural Expressions in Music series.


  • Associate - Develop a network of human and information resources to enhance your professional awareness and advance your career.

Your CMS membership provides access to: 

      • Music Vacancy List - the most comprehensive employment opportunity list for musicians to be found anywhere.
      • Career Services - CMS helps you make sense of the music world and thrive in your work.  CMS offers relevant information, guidance, and in-person and online mentoring opportunities at all stages of your musical life.
      • Grant opportunities from The CMS Fund.
      • Webinars - CMS Webinars provide opportunity to consider various topics from a variety of perspectives. The format includes a presentation by a main speaker on the webinar's topic and dialogue among those attending.
      • Surveys - CMS regularly conducts surveys of the profession and supports those who wish to conduct surveys in support of research projects.
      • Unparalleled Networking Possibilities – CMS events are attended by music professionals and students from around the world representing a wide range of disciplines, affording numerous opportunities to reconnect with colleagues and establish new and dynamic relationships.


And there's more!  Enjoy these member benefits:

Enjoy Discounts – CMS offers discounts to active members on conference fees, health insurance, instrument insurance, JSTOR, publications, and rental cars.

Share the Good News! – CMS offers a convenient online method for sending membership information to colleagues and students. Earn free increases to your membership term with each positive referral CMS receives. Access these easy-to-use forms:

Receive Discounts on CMS Books and Monographs – Future volumes of CMS Books and Monographs will be published by Routledge. The CMS member discount will be 20% off printed, hard-bound books. (No discount will be offered on e-books or softcover volumes.) Books already in print by CMS are available for purchase on


Stay in touch

Whenever you have questions, wish to volunteer for a CMS professional activity, need further information concerning any of the Society's services, or have ideas for how we might serve you more effectively, CMS appreciates your input and will respond promptly. CMS officers and committees welcome your inquiries. The CMS Executive Office is easily reached through the following means:

The College Music Society 
312 East Pine Street 
Missoula MT 59802 USA
[email protected]


Thank you for your membership in CMS!