Monographs and Sourcebooks in American Music

The CMS Monographs and Sourcebooks in American Music series was conceived to underscore the remarkable diversity in our nation’s musical expression and to call attention to both landmark and representative achievements in its evolution. The sourcebooks address particular compositions and performances that reflect the compelling spectrum of musical expression in the United States, while the monographs address various topics related to American composers and repertories.

Whether the subject is a concert or stage work communicated through a notated score, a virtual performance frozen in time by modern technology (such as a film score or a recording), or some other mode of preservation not yet invented or standardized, the goal is the same: to gather materials for study, to reconsider and synthesize existing commentary and criticism, and to offer a fresh assessment or appreciation. These carefully written and engaging studies are fully documented, and are directed to teachers of music, students of music, and other lovers of music.

Editorial Board, Monographs & Sourcebooks in American Music

John Koegel
California State University, Fullerton

Michael J. Budds
University of Missouri-Kansas City