1992 Regional Chapter Conference Programs

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Great Lakes

Session I: Appalachian and Ethnic Musics

"Squares, Triangles, Circles, and Diamonds: An Examination of the Role of Revivalism in the Preservation of Shape Note Hymnology"
Ron Pen (University of Kentucky)

"The Use of Native American Musics and Poetic Images in the Compositional Process"
Greg Steinke (Ball State University)

"Shaker Hymnody: A Simple Gift"
Vicki Bell (University of Kentucky), presenter
Tommy Drury (University of Kentucky), tenor

Session II: Technology in the Music Curriculum

"The Composer in the Multimedia Classroom: A Case Study"
Robin Bargar (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)

"Using MIDI Technology in the University Music Theory Core Curriculum"
Peter Simpson (University of Kentucky)

"Performer Sequencer Software Applied to Aural Skills Development"
Zae Munn (Saint Mary's College)

Session III: Women in Performance and Composition

"Music and Dance: Manifestation of Dance Gesture in Bela Bartók's Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm"
Ludmila Lazar (Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University)

"The Choral Music of Libby Larsen"
Diane Fukunaga (Kalamazoo Valley Community College)

"Three Song Sets by Contemporary American Women Composers"
Margaret Kennedy (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), soprano/presenter
Françoise Pierredon (Lexington, Kentucky), piano

Session IV: Pedagogical Issues in Music Theory

"The Use of Rhythm Syllables in Aural Skills Instruction"
Cynthia Crump Taggart (Case Western Reserve University)

"Writing in the Undergraduate Music Theory Curriculum"
Deron L. McGee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Session V: Pedagogical and Interdisciplinary Issues

"Strategies to Facilitate Learning and the `Teachable Moment' in the Music Curriculum"
Donald W. Carroll (Central State University)

"Using Music Before It Uses You"
Robert Weiss, Jr. (Southern Illinois University)

Session VI: Poster Session

"The Music Engineering Technology Program at Wayne State University"
James Lentini (Wayne State University)

"Using Popular Music Examples in Traditional Theory Classes"
Anthony Lis (South Dakota State University)

"2 X 2: A Music/Art Collaboration Between Composer Zae Munn and Artist Jack Girard"
Zae Munn (St. Mary's College) and Jack Girard (Transylvania University)

"The Lincoln Memorial Fan"
K Marie Stolba (Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne)

Session VII: Technology in the Music Curriculum: Hands-On-Time

"Ear Training and CAI Software: Strategies and a Model for Application"
Timothy Nord (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Deron McGee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Informal demonstrations by Robin Bargar (University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana), Peter Simpson (University of Kentucky), Zae Munn (Saint Mary's College)

Session VIII: Contemporary Music Analysis

"The Barbarian: Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's Homage to Bartok"
Kirk MacKenzie (University of Cincinnati)

"Luciano Berio's O King and its Relation to Schoenberg's Summermorgen"
Timothy T. Kloth (Cincinnati, Ohio)

"Musical Analysis and Analytical Poetry: Reconciling Allusion and Precision"
Claire Boge (Miami University)

Session IX: 20th Century American Composers

"Wesby, Baber, Barnes, Bizet: New Music from Central Kentucky"
The Bizet Trio (University of Kentucky)

"Study in Carmine and Coral for Piano: A Performance-Presentation by the Composer"
David J. Vayo (Illinois Wesleyan University)

"The Social, Political, and Religious Views of Charles Ives as Found in His Songs"
Daniel A. Binder (Lewis University) with Lawrence T. Sisk (Lewis University), tenor, and Donald Zent (Asbury College), piano

Great Plains

Session I: Papers

"The Concertos of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich"
Craig B. Parker (Kansas State University)

"Mendelssohn's Lobgesang: A Fusion of Forms and Textures"
Stephen Town (Northwest Missouri State University)

"The 61st Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu: A Major Ethnic Music Festival in the Great Plains Region in 1992"
Patricia Bowers Schultz (Northwest Missouri State University)

Session II: Lecture/Recital

"New Lyricism: Recent Songs by American Women Composers"
Margaret Kennedy (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), soprano and lecturer
Edwin Penhorwood (University of Missouri-Columbia), pianist

Session III: Papers

"Breath Management Terminology in American Vocal Pedagogy: A Comparison of Contemporary Terminology with Sources 1900-1910"
Donald Callen Freed (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

"Motives and Musical Structure: An Analysis of the Last Movement of the String Quartet in C Minor of Johannes Brahms"
Vincent Benitez, Jr. (Wartburg College)

"Music History in the Present Tense: The Perils and Pleasures of Teaching the Recent Past"
Michael J. Budds (University of Missouri-Columbia)

Session IV: Concert

The Univerity Singers (University of Missouri-Columbia)
David C. Rayl, conductor

Session V: Paper

"Marianna Martines' Sinfonia in C Major: A Study in Semi-Sonata Form"
Shirley Bean (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Session VI: Recital-Music by Kansas Composers

Kansas State University Faculty Trio
Sara Funkhouser, oboe; Cora Cooper, violin; David Littrell, violoncello assisted by Frank Sidorfsky, clarinet

Theme and Variations for Oboe, Violin, and Cello by Laurel MacAdam;
Tangents VI for Oboe, Clarinet, and Tape by Hanley Jackson; and
Divertimento by Tyler White

Session VII: Student Papers—Paul Revitt Memorial Competition

"Steve Reich's Compositional Processes from 1965-1973"
Robert P. Cleary (University of Missouri-Columbia)

"Mozart and the Ensemble Finales: The Early and Late Opera Buffa"
Dayna K. Snook (Kansas State University)

"The Evolution of Martha Graham's Collaborations with Composers of Music for the Modern Dance"
John Toenjes (University of Missouri-Columbia)

Session VIII: Guest Lecture

"Music Teaching at the University Level: The Future of the Profession"
Kerry S. Grant, Dean of Arts and Letters (State University of New York at Buffalo)


Session I: Keyboard Interest Session

"Organ Music by Twentieth-Century Black Composers"
Paula Harrell (North Carolina A & T State University)

"Organist Shortage or Surplus?"
Wayne Earnest (St. David Lutheran Church, West Columbia, South Carolina

"The Album des Six: Its Musical, Cultural, and Pianistic Context"
Michael Sitton (Hollins College)

Session II: Works by CMS Composers

Second Sonata by Anthony Stark (College of Notre Dame of Maryland),
Three Poems of e.e.cummings by Samuel O. Douglas (University of South Carolina),
Cool Spring Meditations by Clare Shore (Herndon, Virginia),
Concerto for Wind Controller and Computer by Bruce P. Mahin (Radford University),
A Bestiary for Brass by James R. Sochinski (Virginia Tech)

Session III: Roundtable Session—Teaching in the College Music Environment "Does Graduate School Prepare College Music Teachers?"

Chair: Barbara Coeyman (West Virginia University)

Participants: Gene Anderson (University of Richmond), George Parrish (Radford University)

Session IV: Concert: Currents—The Ensemble for New-Music at the University of Richmond

Fred Cohen, Musical Director

Three Spirits by Thomas Albert, BDuo by Fred Cohen,
Winterfold by P. Maxwell Davies,
Fantasy Etudes; Episodes and Refrains by Fred Lerdahl,
Continuum by György Ligeti

Christine Schadeberg, Soprano

Session V: Theory/Musicology Interest Area

"Charles Ives as Humorist: A Composer Seeks Acceptance"
Laura Artesani (West Virginia University)

"Similarity Relationships: The Recognition and Identification of Repetition and Return in Musical Works"
Ilene Hanson Sears

Session VI: Education Interest Area

"The Impact of 19th-Century German Conservatories on Music Schools in the United States"
E. Douglas Bomberger (Harrisonburg, Virginia)

"Developing the `Seeing Ear' and the `Hearing Eye'"
Micháel Houlahan (Millersville University) and Philip Tacka (Georgetown University)

Session VII: Jazz Interest Session

"Teaching `Style' in a Jazz Ensemble Setting: Performing With the Masters"
Michael Davison (University of Richmond)

"When a Territory Band is Not: The Don Albert Orchestra, 1929-1940"
Christopher Wilkinson (West Virginia University)

Session VIII: Works by CMS Composers

SMP seeking SFP by Lauren A. Whiteman (Winthrop College),
SCHerZOid by Margaret Brouwer (Washington and Lee University),
Dance Suite for Trumpet and Percussion by Michael Davison (University of Richmond)

Session IX: Plenary Session

"Grants and Fellowships in College Music: Tips for Writing the Winning Proposal"

Chair: Barbara Coeyman

Participants: Elizabeth Arndt (National Endowment for the Humanities), Anne Dhu McLucas (University of Oregon), Christopher Wilkinson (West Virginia University)


Session I: Centennial of the Births of Honegger, Milhaud, Tailleferre

"Arthur Honegger—French or German?: An Assessment of Style in the Mélodie"
Leslie Ann Goldberg and Steven Young (Bridgewater State College)

"Darius Milhaud and Nationalism in Latin American Music"
Max Lifchitz (State University of New York, Albany)

"Germaine Tailleferre and Her Piano Music"
Marcia Eckert (Hunter College)

Session II

"Community Concerts: Innovative Programming/Audience Building"
Alfred Blatter (Drexel University)

"Producing a Successful Community Concert"
Diane Roberts (State University of New York, Stony Brook)

"Music in the Baltics Before and After the 1991 Coup"
Andrejs Jansons (Rutgers University)

"Building a Music Industry Program Within a Traditional Music Department"
Bruce Ronkin (Northeastern University)

"Community Concerts: The Arcady Music Festival in Maine"
Masanobu Ikemiya (Artistic Director, Arcady Music Festival)

Session III: Columbus Quincentennial-Music of the Americas

"The Eclectic Piano Music of Manuel M. Ponce"
David Witten (The New School of Music in Cambridge)

Lecture/Recital: "Nationalism Reflected in the Piano Music of Three Latin American Composers"
Carmen Rodriguez-Peralta (Middlesex Community College)

"Cubana Bop, Cubana Pop: The Music of Cuba and it's Influence on American Music"
Anthony D.J. Branker (Ursinus College)

"Homage to the Native American Voice"
Curt Cacioppo (Haverford College)

Session IV: Music of Spain

"Ladino Music of the Golden Age: Offspring of Three Cultures"
Ofer Ben-Amots (Rutgers University)

"Enrique Granados' Sketch Book: APUNTES PARA MIS OBRAS"
Douglas Riva (Brooklyn, New York)

"Three Stylistic Periods: Nationalistic, Romantic, and Goyesca in the Piano Compositions of Enrique Granados y Campina (1867-1916)"
Annamarie Schuessler (Ithaca College)

Lecture/Recital: "Spanish Music for Two Pianos—An Overview"
Arianna Goldina (New York University), with the assistance of Remy Loumbrozo, piano

Session V: Vocal Music and Pedagogy

"Maurice Delage—The Man and His Vocal Music"
Barbara N. Gordon (New York University)

"How Can You Tell an American?": Kurt Weill's Earliest Years in the United States, 1935-1938"
Richard Bower (Queens College)

"Multimedia and Opera: Using ToolBook to Teach La Boheme"
Larry Peterson (University of Delaware)

Pacific Northwest

Session I

Lecture/Recital: "Zemlinsky—Is It Time Yet?"
Kurt Alexander Zeller (Portland, Oregon)

Performance: Toru Takemitsu—For Away and Other Works
Steven Truelove (Southern Oregon State College)

Session II

"Rhythmic Training for Music Majors: A Curricular Proposal"
Elizabeth Benjamin Tomasetti (University of Oregon)

"Should We Be Teaching Tertian Harmony?"
Robert I. Hurwitz (University of Oregon)

Session III: CMS Composers Concert

Mosaic Constellations by Stephen Truelove,
Three Love Songs by Jason Heald

Session IV

"The Poetry of Alexander Pushkin: A Thread Through the Russian Art Song"
Ann Tedards (University of Oregon)

"A Textural Analysis of Psalm 90 by Charles Ives"
E. Benjamin Tomassetti (University of Oregon)

Session V

"America Sings: Our History Reflected in Song"
Michael Connolly (University of Portland)

Lecture/Recital: "Organ Music of Our American Heritage"
Jeannine A. Cansler (University of Portland)

Session VI

"Excellence in Arts Education: The Hellsgate Project"
Zoe A. Kelley (University of Montana)

"Stylistic Guidelines for the Conductor Preparing Performance Groups"
Philip T. Cansler (University of Portland)

Session VII: Performance

Terra Nova Consort
Patricia O'Scannell, director
Susan E. Carney, assistant director

Pacific Southern

Session I

"Argento's Operas: Selectivity in an Eclectic Climate"
Virginia Saya (Loyola Marymount University)

"Baquette Music for Two Pianos"
Norman Weston (Saddleback College)

Session II

"Why Re-Bar?"
Mary Evans Johnson (Del Mar, California)

"Five Preludes for Piano"
William C. Bradbury (Palomar College)

Session III

"Walk in Time—A Composition Performed Live with Computer Controlled Synthesizers, Live Performance of Synthesizers and Clarinet"
Barbara Bennett (University of California, Riverside) and Butch Rovan (University of California, Riverside)

"The Style and Function of the Horn in the Early Works of Gustav Mahler"
Edward J. Bostley (California State University, San Bernardino)

"Clarinet and Tape"
Daniel Kessner (California State University, Northridge), clarinet

Session IV

"Multi-Culturalism and the Teacher-Scholar"
Kathryn Bumpass (California State University, Fresno)

"A Survey of the Piano Literature of Halsey Stevens"
Jeanette Constance Wong (California Baptist College)

Lecture/Performance: Stockhausen's Klavierstück IX
Norman Weston (Saddleback College)

"Neglected Organ Gems from Nineteenth-Century France"
Frances Nobert (Whittier College)

Rocky Mountain

Session I: Lecture/Performances, Vocal

"An Annotated Program of Songs by 20th Century Black Women Composers"
Donna Bogard (University of Colorado at Denver), Wilma Parsons, Soprano and Joan Garver, Piano

"Russian Songs and Arias"
Jean Piatak Eickhoff (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"Tonality in Copland's Twelve Poems and Thomson's Schoenberg's Error"
David King (Front Range Community College, Larimer County Center)
Janet Morrow King (Colorado State University), Mezzo-soprano

Session II: Lecture/Performances, Instrumental

Nocturne in C-sharp Minor, Op. 27, No. 1 by Frederick Chopin
Edward C. Bedner (Berklee College of Music)

"North Indian Classical Music"
D. N. Shukla (Gorakhpur, India)

Session III: Distinguished Faculty Artist Concert

Lamont Schoool of Music, University of Denver

Session IV: Pedagogical and Theoretical Papers

"Set Theory, Clock Diagrams, and 20th Century Music"
Paul W. Metz (Colorado State University)

"Mathematics through Music"
William B. Stacy (University of Wyoming)

Lecture/Presentation: "Simultaneity in Twentieth Century Art"
Richard Corbett (Greeley)

Session V: Historical and Analytical Papers

"Absences and Silences in the Late String Quartets and Piano Sonatas of Beethoven"
Tania Cronin (The Colorado College)

"Russian Music and Politics"
Zoe Erisman (University of Colorado at Denver)

Session VI: American Music Papers

"American Music Research Center at CU-Boulder: Resources for Professors and Researchers"
Joanne Swenson Eldridge (University of Colorado at Boulder)

"a.k.a. The Great Kat"
Thomas D. Brosh (Community College of Aurora)

"Her Spurs Were A-Jingling: An Investigation of Modern Cowboy Music"
Ariel Downing (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Session VII: Music by CMS Composers

Iridescence by George Arasimowicz (University of Colorado at Denver),
Four Songs for Baritone, Voice and Piano by Kenneth Johnson (Colorado Christian University),
Two Songs for Soprano and Piano by Donald Keats (University of Denver),
Heart, Do Not Bruise The Breast by David King (Front Range Community College/Larimer County Center)

South Central


"Scriabin: A New Theory of Harmony and Structure"
Michael McVay (University of North Texas)

"The Personal and Musical Relationship of Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms"
Cheryl A. Barks (University of Central Arkansas)

"Wagner's Development, Work, and Influence as a Conductor in the Nineteenth Century"
William Braun (Arkansas College)

"A Consideration of Recordings as a Pedagogical Tool"
Melanie Foster Taylor (Lamar University)

"`Color Hearing' and the College Eartraining Curriculum: Help, Hindrance, or Irrelevance"
Daniel Adams (Texas Southern University)

"Encouraging Student Research and Writing: A True Tale of Pedagogical Pursuits"
Anne L. Patterson and Students (University of Central Arkansas)

Student participants: Shaunda Butler, Carol Oliver, and Billy Squires

"German/American Aesthetics and Ernst Toch"
Miriam Zach (University of Florida)

"Erik Satie and Les Six"
Cynthia W. Barrington (University of Central Arkansas)

"The Musical Court of Frederick the Great: A Warrior's Diversion"
Robert Elliott (University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff)

"Building an Undergraduate Understanding of Twentieth Century Analysis: Concepts, Terms and Techniques for a Short Course in Musical Application"
Joan C. Groom-Thornton (University of North Texas)

"Rafael Mendez: Veneration and Prejudice"
Michael Meckna (Texas Christian University)


Ravel Remembers Facism by Rodney Waschka II (University of Texas at Arlington)
Elizabeth Morrow (University of Texas at Arlington), cello

Sonata #1 for Solo Piano by Jerome Hatley (Oral Roberts University)

Two Collaborations: Mandala/Kyoto and Fire Spirit
Don Pasquella, video artist, and Martin Sweidel (Southern Methodist University), composer

Black Riders
Kevin Hanlon (Southern Methodist University)

Five Movements for Tuba (or something like that)
Joe L. Alexander (East Central University)

Vignettes, Eight Songs for Soprano and Piano
Samuel Magrill (University of Central Oklahoma)



"An Introduction to Colombian Folk Music, Part II: The Atlantic Coastal Region"
James Anderson (Armstrong State College)

"Strategic Methodology: A Secondary Music Methods Curriculum for the 90s"
John S. Brick (Florida International University)

"Van Halen and Beethoven, Talking Heads and Haydn, The Doors and Brahms: Classical Voice-Leading in American Rock"
E. Michael Harrington (Belmont University)

"Beyond the Bay Psalm Book: Lutheran Church Music in America During the 18th Century"
Debra Hess (University of Florida)

"Tonal Center and Dramaturgy in the Act II Finale of Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro"
Ken Keaton (Florida Atlantic University)

"Bridging the University—Public School Gap in Music Education"
Carl D. King (East Tennessee State University)

"Ernest Bloch as Music Educator"
David Kushner (University of Florida)

"The Poet as Lyricist"
Susan Cohn Lackman (Rollins College)

"Paul Taffanel: Flutist, Teacher, and Composer"
Andrea Kapell Loewy (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"William Foster Apthorp and the Atlantic Monthly, 1872-77: A Companion to Dwight's Journal"
Robert B. Nelson (University of Florida)

"A Resource Guide to Black Composers"
Carol Quin (Winthrop College)

"Does Popular Music Merit Aesthetic Justification? A Case Study"
Mary Reichling (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"Breves and Bytes: Notation and the Electronic Studio"
Robert Schmalz (University of Southwestern Louisiana)

"Twelve-Tone Technique in the Music of Alberto Ginastera"
Michelle Tabor (Tallahassee, Florida)

"I Must be Liberal to Play Women's Music!"
Miriam Zach (University of Florida)


"From the Renaissance to Ragtime to Broadway—A Look at the Changing Role of the Classical Guitar on the Concert Stage in the United States"
John De Chiaro (University of Southern Mississippi)

"The Concert-Video: A New Medium for Musicians"
Gerald Farmer (West Georgia College)

"Bad Boy Revisited"
Karen Garrison, Ann Knipschild, and Joseph Stephenson (Auburn University)
Carolyn Sanders (University of Alabama, Huntsville)

"Liderkreis, Opus 39—R. Schumann and J. von Eichendorff"
Thomas King (Austin Peay State University)
Bonny Miller (Miami-Dade Community College)

"Performance Practice Considerations for Mozart's Concerto in A Major for Clarinet, KV 622"
Keith Koons (University of Central Florida)

"Music for Trumpet and Organ"
Carolyn Sanders (University of Alabama, Huntsville)
Ann Knipschild (Auburn University)

"Some Early Songs of B. Britten (1913-1976): A Worthy Addition to Student Repertoire"
Ann Taddie and Anne Simpson (Lafayette, Louisiana)


Works by Steve Hicken, Kenneth Jacobs, Dennis Kam, Glenn Lemieux, Thomas L. McKinley, Allen Molineux, Richard Montalto, Jon C. Nelson, James Paul Sain, Stella Sung, Roger Vogel, and John D. White

Panel Discussion

"Undergraduate Theory and Performance Training"
Chair: Matt Witfield (University of Alabama)