Past Presidents

woodworth gwallace G. Wallace Woodworth, 1958-1960
austin william William F. Austin, 1961-1962
trotter robert Robert M. Trotter, 1963-1964
crosten loren W. Loren Crosten, 1965-1966
mccorkle donald Donald McCorkle, 1967-1968
lincoln harry Harry B. Lincoln, 1969-1970
collins walter Walter Collins, 1971-1974
reynolds william William Reynolds, 1975-1976
Robert J. Werner Robert J. Werner, 1977-1978
University of Cincinnati
white chappell Chappell White, 1979-1980
Barbara English Maris Barbara English Maris, 1981-1982
The Catholic University of America
Arthur R. Tollefson Arthur R. Tollefson, 1983-1984
Phillip Rhodes Phillip Rhodes, 1985-1986
Carleton College
willoughby david David Willoughby, 1987-1988
Eastern New Mexico University
schwartz elliott Elliott Schwartz, 1989-1990
mclucas anne Anne Dhu McLucas, 1991-1992
lundquist barbara Barbara Reeder Lundquist, 1993-1994
University of Washington
fernandez nohema Nohema Fernandez, 1995-1996
University of California-Irvine
Douglass Seaton Douglass Seaton, 1997-1998
The Florida State University
Dale A. Olsen Dale A. Olsen, 1999-2000
Florida State University
John Buccheri John Buccheri, 2001-2002
Northwestern University
Robert W. Weirich Robert W. Weirich, 2003-2004
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Tayloe Harding C. Tayloe Harding, Jr., 2005-2006
University of South Carolina-Columbia
Kathleen J. Lamkin Kathleen J. Lamkin, 2007-2008
University of La Verne
Cynthia Crump Taggart Cynthia Crump Taggart, 2009-2010
Michigan State University
David Brian Williams David Brian Williams, 2011-2012
Illinois State University
Pat Campbell Patricia Shehan Campbell, 2013-2014
University of Washington
younker betty anne Betty Anne Younker, 2015-2016
University of Western Ontario
Keith Ward Keith Ward, 2017-2018
University of Denver
Eileen M. Hayes Eileen M. Hayes, 2019-2020
University of Wisconsin Whitewater