CMS Instructional Technology Initiative Award Guidelines

Now open to CMS and ATMI members

Technology Initiative Award 2023 Theme: Music Instructional Technology in a Post-Covid Environment

Stipend Award for 2023: $500



The College Music Society has a longstanding commitment to supporting technology training and encouraging forums for sharing the integration of technology with music instruction and performance. Examples of this commitment include featured presentations centered on the creative use of technology in music instruction that occur during each CMS annual National Conference, as well as past summer music technology training institutes at Indiana University and Illinois State University.

CMS and the Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI) have shared their national conference activities since the late 1980s. The first of a series of pre-conference technology experiences co-sponsored with ATMI began in San Antonio in 2006, and this partnership has since combined training and showcasing technology applications on such topics as digital audio workspaces (DAWs); artificial intelligence integration; and incorporation of electronics into music performance; among others.  

The CMS Instructional Technology Initiative Award recognizes exceptional contributions made by CMS and ATMI members in demonstrating the effective use of technology to improve higher education music instruction.  

Given annually, the Award recognizes an active CMS or ATMI member or member-led team who has demonstrated exceptional initiative in integrating technology within music higher education instruction.



In certain years, the Initiative Award may focus on the innovative use of technology in supporting a contemporary or critical need in higher education music teaching. For 2023-24, that need is music instruction as we continue to develop post-pandemic modalities of learning. The Award committee is looking for innovative uses of technology by a CMS or ATMI member or member-led team to enable music instruction that reflects pedagogical enhancements explored during these past years. 

The 2023 Instructional Technology Initiative Award will provide a stipend of $500.



Applicants must hold a teaching position in a music higher education program and be current members of CMS and/or ATMI at the time of application and when the Award is announced. If the application is from a team of individuals, one member of the team must be designated as the team leader; additional team members may be noted in the Project Narrative. Individuals receiving the award may not apply again until two future award years have passed.  

The following criteria are used in considering the project:

  1. Demonstration of originality and uniqueness in the use of technology in support of curricular development or higher education music instruction in the classroom, studio, or ensemble. When a specific theme is noted for an award year, the application will be judged on the effectiveness of the technology to meet the specified need.
  2. Evidence of effectiveness on student learning and results achieved. Present data to show the effectiveness of the technology’s use in higher education music instruction settings.
  3. Provides a model for effective practice that can be replicated in other education settings.
  4. Uses readily available technology solutions that other musicians and educators can easily implement. However, applicants should not use the Award application to promote personally developed software or hardware under consideration or produced as a commercial project.



  • For a project in progress, a final project report is required before the monetary stipend is awarded.
  • The Awardee(s) is encouraged to attend the subsequent National Conference of the College Music Society (CMS) and the Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI) where the award recipient will be recognized. 
  • The Awardee(s) may be invited to a CMS/AMTI national conference to present a poster or other presentation of their work.



A complete application consists of the following:

  • A Project Narrative that 
    1. Includes the applicant’s name, institution, teaching position, and project title; for a team project, the same information is required for each team member, and one member should be designated the team leader.
    2. Provides a two-page description of the project either completed or in progress.  
    3. Includes evidence of the effect on student learning and results achieved (e.g., data in the form of student work, anecdotal comments from students, or other forms of student achievement). For projects in progress, describe the expected outcomes, a timeline for completion, and the evaluation instruments for collecting evidence of effectiveness.
    4. Some form of multimedia presentation—video or slides—to accompany the narrative to demonstrate the instruction and technology in practice.
  • A brief biographical summary (one page or less) emphasizing the applicant’s music and technology experience (for a team project, one per team member).
  • Two brief letters of support from colleagues that speak directly to the instructional and technological impact of the project. 

All applications are due August 1, 2023. The 2023-2024 award will be announced by September 1, 2023.


Submitting your Application

The applicant or team leader submits the application on behalf of the project. Only one application may be submitted by an applicant or applicant as the team leader. As noted above, additional team members should be noted in the narrative. If a team member is not the leader of a project, they may submit another application as a single applicant for a different project.

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