CMS Instructional Technology Initiative Award Guidelines

The College Music Society has had a longstanding commitment to supporting technology training and encouraging forums for sharing the integration of technology with music instruction and performance. Summer music technology training institutes for professional development have been held over the years, first at Indiana University and then at Illinois State University, and every CMS annual conference since the early 1980s has featured presentations by its membership on using technology in creative ways instruction.

The first of a series of pre-conference technology experiences, co-sponsored with the Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI), began in San Antonio in 2006 and has combined training and showcasing technology applications on such topics as Internet 2 and videoconferencing, curriculum management software, social computing tools and more.

The CMS Instructional Technology Initiative Award recognizes exceptional contributions made by the CMS membership in demonstrating the effective use of technology to improve college music instruction. Given annually, the Award recognizes an active CMS member who has demonstrated exceptional initiative in integrating technology with college music instruction.

The Instructional Technology Initiative Awardprovides a $500 stipend.



Current members of CMS are eligible. Individuals may only receive the award once. Applicant must be a current member of CMS and have been a member of CMS for the previous three years. Individuals may only receive the award once.

  • Applicants must be members of The College Music Society. To join CMS, please click here. If you are unsure of your membership status, inquires may be addressed to .


Criteria for Selection

The following criteria are used in considering the project:

(1) Demonstration of originality and uniqueness in the use of technology in support of college music instruction

(2) Evidence of effectiveness on student learning and results achieved 

3) Provides a model for effective practice that can be replicated in other education settings

(4) Uses readily available technology solutions (project should not be a commercial or published product)



  • Winner is encouraged to attend the subsequent National Conference of the Society where he/she will be recognized.
  • Winner is expected to provide periodic updates and project progress reports. 



A complete application consists of the following:

  • A Project Narrative that
    • (1) displays the applicants’ name, institution, teaching position, and project title;
    • (2) provides a two-page description of the project;
    • (3) includes evidence of the effectiveness on student learning and results achieved (e.g., data in the form of student work, anecdotal comments from students, or other forms of student  achievement); and
    • (4) lists participation and activites in The College Music Society at regional, national, or international levels over the past three years (e.g., offices held, presentation given at CMS summits, conferences, or other events; committee memberships; or attendance at CMS activities). 
  • Curriculum Vitae (not to exceed 10 pages).
  • Two letters of support from colleagues that speak directly to your technology work and to the project.
  • Some form of multimedia (video, Keynote, PowerPoint, other) to demonstrate the instruction and technology in action.


Submitting your Application

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