Common Topic for 2019-2020: Fostering Equity and Opportunity in Music

A focus on equity and opportunity is a necessary complement to our institutional and programmatic emphases on music, diversity and inclusion. Closely related but not the same, the fostering of equity and opportunity is imperative if music in higher education is to fulfill the promise of access inherent in the democratic ideal. Many of our programs and schools of music have worked diligently to diversify curricula, concert programs, and student bodies, while at the same time, scholars and musicians have worked to decolonize theories, re-examine pedagogical and methodological approaches, and de-center hegemonic cultural practices. Nonetheless, the task of engaging in equitable practices in regard to providing opportunities for all of our students, staff, and faculty, in ways that matter and are fair and ethical, remains a challenge. As academic citizens, we must continue to observe equitable practices in regard to hiring, promotion, and resource allocation. By welcoming best practices for implementing strategies that address these various challenges, The College Music Society furthers its commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion for both music in higher education, and in society