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• This Month at CMS - May, 2022

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Announcing the CMS-SALA Health Plan.

• Available at all membership levels;
• Affordable—average of 60% savings over current healthcare costs;
• Preventive care covered at 100% level.

More information on this important member benefit can be found here.

If you missed the live webinar, view the video below to learn if the CMS-SALA Health Plan works for you, your family, and/or employees.

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     Sixty-Fifth National Conference (2022)

    • Sixty-Fifth National Conference (2022)
    Westin Long Beach
    Long Beach, California    September 21–24, 2022
    CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: CMS CHOIR    Application Deadline: Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Cultural Inclusion Workshops
• Ethical Diversification of the Choral Music Curriculum Through Collaboration with Culture-Bearers

 • Decentering Western Classical Music: Radical Curricular Redesign for the Musicology Classroom 

• A Focus on Inclusive Pedagogy: Creating Course Content and Activities that Acknowledge the Cultural Capital of Our Students in the Music Education Classroom

A copy of this workshop will be available soon.


Upcoming Cultural Inclusion Virtual Workshop
• Which Words When? Understanding Raciolinguistics in Higher Music Education


Stay tuned for details!

Teaching Music in the Age of COVID-19: A Collaborative Effort by CMS
Across the country, COVID-19 has halted music teaching within higher education as we think of it. Music faculty are being charged with moving instruction into the digital space, often without ample resources or previous training, and at a staggering pace. In an effort to respond to the challenges of the moment, the College Music Society has created a repository of open-access resources that aims to gather best practices and innovative solutions for some of the most perplexing problems .......
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Coping with Alternative Teaching Strategies During the Pandemic
• Coping with Alternative Teaching Strategies During the Pandemic—a Focus on Ensembles
• Administrative Leadership During an Unprecedented Time of Uncertainty and Change
• Re-imagining Music Industry Education during the Age of COVID-19
A National Conversation on Music Education in Higher Ed: At the Crossroads of Real Change?
• When the Show Must Go On: Resilience and Renewal in an Uncertain Time#MeToo and Music Education: A Psychological Perspective
Tuning the Mind and Body of Musicians
Healthy Progress in a Pandemic?


Musicians' Health
Committee on Musicians' Health

To You and Your Students' Good Health: Q & A Column

Q: "What are the effects of loud music, stress on musicians... and what is glial excito-toxicity?"
Answered by Dr. Marshall Chasin, AuD., Reg. CASLPO, Doctor of Audiology and director of research and chief audiologist of the Musicians' Clinics of Canada.

Read Dr. Chasin's Response